Russian tourists began to import a terrible virus from Thailand

Russian tourists began to import a terrible virus from Thailand

Russian tourists began to massively import from Thailand a terrible virus, forgotten against the backdrop of covid, – Dengue fever. Five confirmed cases have been recorded in the Krasnoyarsk Territory alone. This figure was announced in his Telegram channel by the head of the Krasnoyarsk Rospotrebnadzor Dmitry Goryaev.

He noted that three more tourists from the Krasnoyarsk Territory were diagnosed with Dengue fever upon returning home. “Moreover, among the sick there is a child who is one year old,” the official added. He further reported that a total of five cases of this tropical disease were recorded in the region.

“Holidayers fell ill as a result of non-compliance with simple safety measures. For example, the use of repellents, which would help them protect themselves from mosquito bites. Therefore, when going on vacation abroad, it is important to ask in advance what infections can occur in a given country and what preventive measures need to be taken,” the official added.

Our reference: dengue fever or “joint fever” is typical for tropical countries, in addition to Thailand, it was “brought” even from the Dominican Republic, there are cases of the virus being imported to the Mediterranean, in particular to Spain. The carriers of the disease are mosquitoes – fortunately, only a few species – Aedes aegypti, less commonly Ae. Albopictus.

The problem is that most cases of dengue – between 40% and 80% – are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, which tourists chalk up to “colds” and “allergies.” Symptoms of infection typically include high fever, severe headache and pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, as well as a widespread rash and gastrointestinal problems. According to experts, symptoms usually appear in a person 4-10 days after being bitten by an infected insect.

The problem is that the “risk groups” are, as always, weakened and elderly people – there is a risk of developing a severe form dengue or hemorrhagic fever, which is already highly lethal – there is a risk of bleeding, falling platelet levels and “leakage” of blood plasma, or dengue shock syndrome, in which blood pressure drops to dangerously low values. So tourists are warned not to take risks – and add that the lethality of severe forms of dengue is higher than that of the flu or coronavirus, according to experts. Depending on the type of disease, it can reach 20-30%.

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