Russia became the leader in tourist flow to the Seychelles

In January 2023, Russia took the leading position in terms of tourist flow to the Seychelles.

Russia has become the leader in tourist flow to the Seychelles< /p>

In the first month of 2023, a total of 23,315 visits were made to the Seychelles, which was 8.1% more than in January 2022. According to ATOR, citing Seychelles statistics, the TOP countries by arrivals are as follows:

  • Russia (3,688 visits);
  • Germany (2,515);
  • France (2,171);
  • United Kingdom (1,025);
  • Italy (932).

Clarifies that out of 3,688 arrivals of Russian tourists to the Seychelles, 13% are repeat trips. Germany is in first place in terms of return, with 17% of repeat visits.

Compared to January 2022, the number of arrivals of Russians decreased by 34.4%. In January last year, Russians made 5,625 trips. The decline can be explained by the fact that a year ago the Seychelles were one of the few open beach winter destinations, while now Russians have more options for winter holidays.

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