Rostourism will strengthen control over prices and quality of services

Rostourism, together with the FAS and Rospotrebnadzor, will strengthen monitoring of prices, cases of dishonest behavior of tourism industry entities and the quality of services on the eve of the summer season.

Rostourism will strengthen control over prices and quality of services

Rostourism reminded market participants that dishonest behavior and violations in the field of pricing policy may entail administrative liability. For example, a unilateral cancellation of a hotel reservation and resale of the same rooms at higher prices would be a violation.

FAS, Rostourism and Rospotrebnadzor sent a letter to hoteliers and travel companies informing them of the inadmissibility of revising the price terms of contracts for the provision of hotel rooms. services. Such actions are a violation of the law.

“As for the quality of the services provided, we remind you that from January 1 of this year, a mandatory hotel classification system has been in force in Russia. This means that all hotels must be classified and must comply with the criteria established by law. For example, the law regulates the obligatory work of the reception service regardless of the “star” status, daily cleaning, the availability of drinking water, the frequency of changing bed linen and towels, and much more, – said the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova.

< p> Rostourism last year launched a special commission on appeals, on the site of which the department works out complaints about the quality of service and services in hotels.

“Most tourists will go to the sea this summer, so special attention it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of urban resort spaces, the well-equipped beaches and tourist routes. Rostourism reminds that beaches and tourist routes can be classified, it is voluntary. Rostourism asks the regions to speed up the classification process and recalls that federal grants are provided for the improvement of beaches and tourist routes, ”, the press service of Rostourism noted.

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