Rostourism launched an online educational program in tourism

Rostourism, within the framework of the National project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”, for the first time launched a large convenient and accessible educational online program for hotel workers. Education is absolutely free. At the same time, you don’t have to go anywhere – the courses are held remotely, in the format of video lessons that you can watch at any convenient time. That is, an employee of any, even the smallest hotel, wherever he is, will be able to receive training and improve his skills within the framework of the program.

Rostourism launched an online educational program in tourism

As noted on the agency's website, in order to access free video lessons, you must register on a special portal. Each video lesson is accompanied by methodological materials, as well as tasks for self-examination.

Another program has been developed for tourism entrepreneurs, both for beginners and for those who want to expand their experience. The program has been launched in the format of an incubator and an accelerator. Each of the formats also contains video tutorials from which you can learn how to open your own hotel or campsite, develop proposals for children's recreation, as well as how to develop and equip a national tourist route and what nuances need to be taken into account to attract guests from other countries.< /p>

Quality service in hotelsis one of the most important conditions for a good holiday. Are you greeted with a smile, how well they help you organize your leisure time, here is the comfort of your stay associated with cleaning rooms, and many, many different details i>—this is all your impression of the rest, and its quality depends on. Whether the tourist is satisfied or not. In order to help businesses improve the quality of services, we are launching for the first time a large online educational program for hotel workers as part of the national tourism project. The program is free, anyone can pass it at any time remotelyin the format of video tutorials prepared by experts based on the best experience. Therefore, I invite everyone to take these courses, ,” said the head of the department, Zarina Doguzova.

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