Restaurant opens 555 meters above ground in South Korea

Restaurant opened 555 meters above ground in South Korea

It takes about an hour from the Lotte World Tower entrance to the restaurant itself.

First you need to buy an entrance ticket. An adult costs 27,000 Korean won, or approximately 20 US dollars, a child — 24,000 won, or $18.

After that, visitors are asked to go to the waiting room — room filled with blue light. On the huge screen on the ceiling “swim” images of giant whales.

In the next rooms there is an opportunity to take a picture, examine the materials from which the tower is constructed, then again dive into the “whale” theme. All this — part of a temporary exhibition dedicated to the work of naturalist photographer Jang Nam Won.

Finally, the elevator doors open, which takes tourists to the Seoul Sky Observatory at a speed of 10 meters per second. It only takes a minute to get up.

Stepping off the elevator, visitors find themselves in a dark room playing a video about the history of Seoul and the Lotte World Tower.

The screen then slowly rises like a curtain, revealing a breathtaking 360-degree view of Seoul through floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows.

On the 118th floor is the Sky Deck with a glass floor. Through them you can see the city from a height of 478 meters.

Small cafes are located on the 119th and 122nd floors.

On the 120th floor there is a Sky Terrace, an open balcony with beautiful overlooking the meandering Han River.

After an appropriate amount of oohs and aahs, you finally reach the waiting room on the 123rd floor.

The restaurant itself occupies the 123rd floor. It is spacious and cozy, with soft chairs and a lamp on every table. Full-length windows stretch to the ceiling and fill the space with warm light at sunset.

The beef stew is $28, $19 for spaghetti with tomatoes, $18 — for the Caesar salad. The menu also includes pizza, sandwiches, steaks and snacks.

123F Lounge Restaurant — the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a date. The hall can be rented for special events, wedding receptions and presentations.

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