Pump up here, remove there: 6 facial features that many Russian women aspire to

Inflate here, remove there: 6 facial features that many Russian women aspire to

Many Russian women are quite positive about plastic surgery, and every year more and more women are ready to trust doctors in order to change something in themselves. But if earlier it was possible to talk about almost universal fashion for the “Barbie bow”, then today's trends are more diverse. Clients of aesthetic medicine clinics strive to become the best versions of themselves and take something from celebrities. The ideal appearance is a collective image: lips like those of Angelina Jolie, the shape of the eyes from Bella Hadid, and the shape of the cheekbones from her sister Gigi. The fashion for naturalness will no longer return, the time has come for beautiful cyberclones from social networks, plastic surgeons say. Of course, not everyone can come close to Kendall Jenner's looks, but there are “upgrade” procedures available and they are quite popular.

1. Plump lips

Almost everyone can afford to “make lips” today, the operation is affordable and uncomplicated. The main thing is to get to a good specialist and choose a quality filler. It is believed that the work of a pro master should not be seen – everyone admires the cool natural form, but pumped up “slippers” immediately catch the eye. In Europe, in the last couple of years, the trend for russian lips has become popular – plump lips with a bow with a slightly upturned upper part. They look doll-like, but at the same time very cute and feminine.

2. Chiseled cheekbones

75% of a woman's beauty is perfect cheeks. High cheekbones have always been associated with youth, health and “breed”. But not everyone is given this luxury – well-drawn cheekbone lines. So you have to resort to the help of implants or do contouring. The formation of a reference appearance is helped by the removal of Bish's lumps – accumulations of subcutaneous fat between the cheekbones and the lower jaw. The face after the procedure looks more refined, including due to the smoothing of the nasolabial fold.

lower jaw.

3. Clear oval

Deformation type of aging – omission of the oval of the face, characteristic of women of the Slavic peoples. There is nothing you can do about this genetic feature, even if you lead a perfectly healthy lifestyle. But Russian women want to grow old in a European way, when only wrinkles give out age – and no double chins, nasolabial folds and frills. Part of the problem is solved by a circular facelift: the facelift operation is quite complicated, but they go for it in the hope of dropping 10-15 years at once.

4. Eye section

The almond shape of the eyes from an aesthetic point of view is considered the most harmonious. Alas, many women were not lucky with this, and with age, the upper eyelid also treacherously falls along with the corners of the eyes, giving the face a mournful and sad expression. These problems are solved by blepharoplasty – tightening the skin around the eyes. With its help, you can get not only a beautiful shape, but also get rid of facial wrinkles.

5. Smooth neck

The oval of the face may be close to ideal, but the circular wrinkles on the neck will still give out age. Therefore, women mercilessly get rid of them with the help of suspenders. This operation can be done along with the removal of Bish's lumps to enhance the effect of rejuvenation. It is slightly less in demand than all the others, but in combination with manipulations on the face it gives a more expressive result. fs.tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/3z/l5/3zl5s29tvam8so0wsksw0g488.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Inflate here, remove there: 6 facial features that many Russian women aspire to

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6. Perfect eyebrows

Although beauty requires sacrifice, not everyone is ready for radical plastic surgery methods. There are contraindications, prejudices, and just a banal fear. That is why at the peak of popularity among our women, the light version of the correction of appearance is a change in the shape of the eyebrows. Modern cosmetologists draw anything. Coloring, biotattoo, microblading, powder spraying and other techniques, a variety of shapes, colors and shades – all this can be played for a long time until you get bored.

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