Pros and cons of rest in the Belokurikha resort

During the years of Soviet power, Belokurikha turned into a real health resort, if not of the all-Union, then at least of the Siberian scale. Today, Belokurikha continues to grow and develop, although no one says that the local radon sources have already dried up and now the Belokurikha sanatoriums work on imported radon, but at least it is natural, and not artificial, and this pleases.

Belokurikha is located in a unique place – in the valley of the foothills of Altai, so there is a special microclimate. The resort is warm in winter and not hot in summer. Therefore, in Belokurikha you can relax all year round. Now the resort is actively developing as a place for skiing, Belokurikha-2 is even being built for this.

Pros and cons of holidays in the Belokurikha resort

I recently spent a weekend in Belokurikha. This helped me understand whether it is worth going here for 2-3 weeks, as local doctors strongly advise. I lived in the sanatorium Rodnik Altai, he impressed me so much that I will write a separate article about him. In the meantime, about the resort itself.

Belokurikha's advantages:

  • nature. The place is really beautiful, there is where to walk, you can walk in the mountains, the trails are accessible to people with different, even with minimal training, although climbers have nothing to do here. The air in the city is very clean, of course – there is no industry for hundreds of kilometers.
  • treatment. Sanatoriums offer a large number of medical procedures for a variety of diseases. According to my observations, most often they go with problems of the heart, genitourinary and motor systems, as well as for rejuvenation and weight loss. 
  • service in sanatoriums. In almost all sanatoriums, the service is at a decent level, everywhere is clean, beautiful, a lot of staff.

In general, the pluses have dried up on this.

Pros and cons of staying at the Belokurikha resort

Cons of Belokurikha:

  • price. For accommodation in the most inexpensive sanatorium you will be charged 3 thousand per day. But at the same time, much more will have to be spent: on entertainment, on medical procedures, baths, massage, etc. In total, some unrealistic price tag comes out, the city is very expensive.
  • boredom. In my opinion, you can go crazy with boredom in 10 days, unless you stumble into enhanced treatment. Apparently this is the calculation. Medical procedures in sanatoriums are held from 8 am to 10 pm, so you can load up so that you won’t be bored. But in general, there is nothing to do in the city. Sanatoriums offer some games, discos, but everything is at a rather primitive level. The city itself is more like a large village, although with multi-storey buildings, there is nowhere to go, nothing to see. It is interesting to walk around the sanatoriums, but they are not allowed everywhere.

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