Popular resort country decided to restrict entry to Russian tourists

Popular resort country has decided to restrict the entry of Russian tourists

Another resort country declared its “loyalty” to the European Union and, accordingly, its intention to restrict the entry of Russian tourists. This was announced by Foreign Minister of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic. He suggested at least canceling visa-free entry for Russian tourists.

At the moment, Russian tourists have the right to enter Montenegro without visas and stay there for 30 days. The only condition is a valid passport. A visa was required for a longer period, often the owners of real estate in Montenegro – which are quite a few from Russia – applied for it for the whole summer.

However, Foreign Minister Mr. Krivokapic told local media that “Montenegro is a devoted partner of the European Union” – and therefore it needs to restrict entry to Russian tourists. If the proposal of the Foreign Minister is supported by the government, then at least Russian tourists will have to enter the country only on the basis of a visa. Let us remind you that air traffic has been suspended.

Meanwhile, Russian experts are sure that no visa bans will be able to stop the outbound tourist flow from Russia, including to Europe. Read the suggested “workarounds” here.

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