Popular Italian region imposes restrictions on tourists

This is due to an excessive flow of travelers that the region simply cannot accommodate.

Popular Italian region imposes restrictions on tourists

Popular Italian region imposes restrictions on tourists

The autonomous region of Alto Adige, also known as Bolzano – South Tyrol in the north of the country, has imposed a limit on the number of visitors, reducing the number of tourists to 2019 levels. The authorities have also imposed a ban on any new accommodation options, unless other places are closed.

The region that borders Austria is the most famous gateway to the Dolomites, where travelers go to see the impressive rocky peaks that glow pink at sunset, glacial lakes and lovely Tyrolean towns. There they drink local beer and practice their German, as the province is bilingual.

"We have reached the limit of our resources, we had traffic problems, and even the locals find it difficult to find a place to live,", – said the representative of the local press service. 34 million tourists, detrimental to the economy and culture of South Tyrol. 

"The tourism sector is very important for us, for jobs and the economy, but we have reached the maximum of opportunities, so we have taken these measures to guarantee better management of the flow of people and guarantee accommodation for tourists. 

The law, which was passed in September 2022, prohibits anyone from opening new accommodation (including options on Airbnb) or adding more rooms to their apartments without obtaining permission from local authorities.

The number of officially registered accommodations, according to the latest data, was just under 230,000. Owners now have until June 30 to inform the authorities how many guests they actually accommodated in 2019 (pre-pandemic level), essentially adding sofa beds that were not previously counted in the official figures.

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