Pobeda Airlines: buying tickets and transportation rules

Pobeda Airlines is a Russian low-cost airline that sells cheap domestic and international flights. Victory promotions with a cost of 499 rubles are held regularly, but such tickets are quickly sold out. Read this article in order not to waste time searching for information about fares, baggage allowances and the cost of additional services of Pobeda Airlines at the right time.

Pobeda Airlines: buying tickets and transportation rules

Airline Victory: buying tickets and transportation rules

Low-cost airline Pobeda began its flights on December 1, 2014. Pobeda is part of the Aeroflot group, which guarantees stability from the leading domestic carrier. Among the directions to which Pobeda Airlines flies are popular Russian and foreign cities. The route network is constantly expanding. The fleet of Pobeda Airlines consists of modern Boeing 737-800s.

How to buy a ticket on the Pobeda website

For First, go to the search engine to compare prices for air tickets from different airlines, select the best deals and dates. If Pobeda Airlines has tickets at low prices, they will be shown first. From the search, you can go to the Pobeda website.

    On the main page in the search form, select the city (airport) of departure and arrival, the dates of departure and return, the number of passengers and their category (adults, teenagers, children, infants). There are no discounts for children from 2 to 12 years old, infants under 2 years old fly without a seat.Search for flights. You will be shown the price for the selected and neighboring dates, you can scroll through. Choose your flight and fare.Additional Services. At this stage, you can add luggage, insurance and other additional services and services. Be careful, uncheck the services you do not need, otherwise their cost will be added to the booking.Seat selection. At the rate «Basic» the program automatically assigns free seats in the cabin. If you want to sit next to each other, pay or choose a different fare.Passenger information. If you are flying on a domestic flight in Russia, then the data of the passport of the Russian Federation is indicated, the full name is filled in Russian. If the flight is international, then a foreign passport is selected, the name and surname are written in Latin letters (as in the RFP), patronymic in Cyrillic (optional).Payment. Fill in the email address, phone number. You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR). Payment term 10 minutes. Upon successful completion of the booking, a PNR confirmation code will appear. Payment receipt and e-tickets are sent to email.

Victory Tariffs

Pobeda Airlines has 3 tariffs for air transportation. Carefully study the conditions of the fares before booking tickets, then you will not be able to change the fare, you can only add paid services.

Package-fare offers

    Basic – hand luggage total dimensions no more than 36x30x27 cmFavorable – luggage up to 20 kg + hand luggage + seat selection on all rows, except for 1-2 and 15-16 Maximum – luggage up to 20 kg + hand luggage + choice of any seat + transfer of date/time and return is allowed

The cheapest rate «Basic» not suitable for all passengers due to the lack of luggage and the minimum size of hand luggage. Be prepared to put up with an automatically assigned seat or pay extra. To the tariff «Basic» it makes sense to add 10 kg of luggage and choose a seat during online check-in to sit with a family member or friend.

Tariff «Favorable» includes the usual set of services: a large suitcase and seat selection. Its purchase is more profitable than paying for these options separately.

Tariff «Maximum» (formerly «Refundable») for those whose plans may change. The price for the possibility of rescheduling a flight or returning a ticket is quite high. Ticketing with an open departure date is not allowed.

For a single Fly&Bus ticket (airplane + bus), read at the end of the article.

Luggage Wins

Checked baggage is not included in standard Pobeda airline tickets. Baggage is included in the Favorable and Maximum fares (1 piece weighing up to 20 kg per passenger).

Pobeda Airlines: buying tickets and transportation rules

Airline Pobeda: buying tickets and transportation rules

Pobeda Airlines: buying tickets and transportation rules

Airline Victory: buying tickets and transportation rules


    Up to 10 kg in the sum of three dimensions no more than 203 cm. The price is 449-999 rubles one way when paying through the site. Up to 20 kg in the sum of three dimensions no more than 203 cm. The price is 999-2499 rubles one way when paying through the site. Up to 32 kg, the sum of three dimensions is not more than 203 cm. The price is 3499 rubles one way when paying through the website or call center. Surcharge for overweight up to 3 kg — 500 rubles/kg at the airport of the Russian Federation or 10 euros at a foreign airport. Overweight from 4 kg to 9 kg — RUB 5,000 or EUR 45. Oversized baggage is paid at the gate — 5000 rubles. Bicycle, fishing equipment, skis or snowboard weighing no more than 20 kg. The price is 1499 rubles when paying through the site. Pet (in a container) up to 8 kg. The price is 1999 rubles when paying through the website.

For children under 2 years old flying without a seat, luggage cannot be checked in, with the exception of a stroller or a child car seat transported free of charge.

Can I buy Victory's baggage after buying a ticket?

Yes, you can. To do this, you need to go to your booking on the website or in the Pobeda mobile application, select the type of baggage and pay. Baggage can be added no later than 4 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

Victory hand luggage

Airline Pobeda: buying tickets and transportation rules

Pobeda Airlines: buying tickets and transportation rules

In Pobeda's hand luggage, you can take everything that fits in a 36x30x27 cm calibrator box without restrictions on type, weight and quantity. Hand luggage meters with the airline's logo are installed at the airport.

The requirements are strictly observed and checked twice: during check-in and at the boarding gate. If your personal belongings are not included in the calibrator, you will have to pay 3,000 rubles for violating the dimensions.


Free carry-on baggage

    laptop/tablet without case umbrella-canecrutchesfolding wheelchair for passengers with disabilitiesbaby cradle when transporting a child

There is no paid hand luggage in Pobeda.

Alternative rules for carrying Pobeda hand luggage according to the FAR include one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 10 kg and dimensions 36x30x4 cm, as well as the following list of items:

    handbag or briefcase or backpack with dimensions of 36x30x23 cm a bouquet of flowers outer clothing medicines and food for a child in flight one suit per bag a baby cradle when transporting a child used crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, a folding wheelchair goods from Duty Free stores with dimensions not exceeding 10x10x5 cm

< h2 class="toanchor" id="additional-services">Victory Additional Services

Payment for additional services increases the cost of the Pobeda ticket. If you are used to standard services: seat selection and large luggage, buy tickets at the «Favorable» fare, which already includes these options. Savings with a fare offer are up to 20% for a similar set of services added to the booking separately.

It is not possible to mark a paid service and receive a refund for it or reissue it to another passenger. Will the person for whom the baggage is registered not fly with you? Buy luggage for yourself.

The cheapest way to add additional services is online at the time of booking or through your personal account on the site, more expensive ways: a paid call to the call center and at the airport.

The cheapest service: choosing a seat on the plane – from 149 rubles one way, the most expensive: changing the name of the passenger/date of departure or direction – 5000 rubles. Seats with increased legroom – 999 rubles. Meals cannot be added.

Insurance. It is proposed to insure against flight delays, loss of luggage and accidents. If you are flying abroad, then you must have travel health insurance, get it at competitive prices online.

Service «Return» allows a one-time transfer of the date/time of departure and a refund of the ticket. You can cancel a flight no later than 48 hours before departure. A cancellation fee of RUB 999 per 1 segment per 1 passenger is charged. The refund service is available only during the ticket booking process, it cannot be added separately.

The Extraseat service allows you to book an adjacent seat in the aircraft cabin. This seat can accommodate an infant up to 2 years old in a child seat, place musical instruments, photographic equipment, a picture and other items allowed to be carried in the aircraft cabin with dimensions not exceeding 38x40x110 cm and weighing up to 32 kg. You can leave an extra seat free for your comfort.

The full list of tariffs and additional services can be found on the Pobeda website, there are also answers to frequently asked questions.

Contacts of Pobeda Airlines

Call center phones (24/7):

    For calls from Russia +7 (809) 505-4777. The price is 60 rubles/minute, including waiting time and conversation with the operator. For calls from abroad +7 (499) 215-2300. At your carrier's rate for an international call.

Turn off the toll bar on your number.


    feedback@pobeda.aero — contact center for work with clients. For inquiries, questions and wishes.vozvrat@pobeda.aero — notification of a passenger's involuntary cancellation of air transportation.

The legal address of Pobeda Airlines for postal items with claims and original documents for return: Kievskoe sh., 22 km, dvld. 4, p. 1, pos. Moskovsky, Moscow, 108811.

Online check-in of Pobeda

Online check-in for Pobeda flights is free. It is available for most Russian and all foreign airports.

For passengers departing from Russian airports, online check-in opens 24 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure.

For passengers departing from foreign airports, online check-in opens 24 hours and ends 4 hours before departure.

To go through online check-in, you need to go to the Pobeda website in the “Online check-in” section and enter your code reservation (6 characters), email address or ticket number (13 digits).

You can present your boarding pass electronically from your mobile device, but it is better to print it out and take it with you to the airport. Mobile boarding cards are not supported by all airports, especially Russian ones.

Check-in at the airport

In most airports, check-in for Pobeda flights opens no later than 2 hours before departure. Check-in end time is indicated in the itinerary receipt. Arrive early at the airport so you can clear security and check in your luggage.

Check-in for Pobeda flights at Vnukovo Airport opens 4 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure at counters 128-134, Terminal A. Separate counters are reserved for check-in for domestic and international flights and for passengers without luggage.

To check in, the passenger must present the document for which the ticket was issued (Russian or international passport) and check in the luggage.

From October 28, 2019, the fee for check-in services at foreign airports in the amount of €25 has been cancelled. However, the airline asks passengers to check in online in order not to raise ticket prices.

From the summer season of 2021, Pobeda also flies from Sheremetyevo Airport.


Airline Pobeda: buying tickets and transportation rules

Boarding on the aircraft of Pobeda Airlines can be carried out via a teleport (sleeve) or with delivery by bus. If you are taken to the plane by bus, then passengers with seats in the front of the cabin get on the first bus, on the second & # 8212; in the tail. In this case, boarding is carried out through both doors of the aircraft.

Boeing 737-800 Pobeda aircraft have 189 economy class seats. The best seats are in the 15th and 16th rows opposite the emergency exits and the front seats 1ABC, 2DEF. There is an increased fee for booking them.

If your ticket was purchased at the «Basic» and you have not paid for the seat selection service, the system will assign seats automatically. People from the same reservation are given seats in different parts of the aircraft (except for passengers with children under 12 years old). It is forbidden to transfer on board, flight attendants monitor this.

Sky Interior salons are equipped with leather armchairs and can change lighting modes. Chairs do not recline. Free in-flight magazine «Herald of Victory» you can take it with you.

Passengers are asked not to linger at the exit and they quickly issue luggage – saving time on service at the airport. Planes arrive and depart on schedule. Pobeda Airlines is one of the TOP 3 punctual airlines in Russia.

Meals on board Pobeda

During the flight, Pobeda does not feed and, unlike other low-cost airlines, does not sell anything. At the request of the passenger, drinking water is provided (if you have your own thermo mug & # 8212; hot). You can take food with you, the main thing is that it, along with other items, fits in the hand luggage calibrator and complies with the rules of transportation.

Fly&Bus +bus)

Low-cost airline Pobeda flies to several regional airports located at a distance of 1-2 hours from big cities. This is done in order to reduce the cost of air tickets (flights to lightly loaded airports are cheaper than to central ones). Passengers can independently get to the city that is the purpose of their trip, or buy a single Fly & Bus ticket and then the Pobeda airline will organize the transfer.

Fly&Bus directions


The schedule of buses included in the single Fly&Bus ticket is coordinated with the time of arrival and departure of Pobeda flights. Instructions on where the stops are and how to find the right bus are available on the Pobeda website.

Is it worth buying a single ticket of Pobeda plane+bus?

The advantage of the Fly&Bus service is that it guarantees the transportation of the passenger to the final destination in the event of a flight delay or untimely arrival of the transfer to the airport.

When you buy a bus or train ticket on your own, you always take a little risk, but you can save money. For tickets for buses and trains in Europe, look at the Omio website.

Pros and Cons of Pobeda Airlines

Flying with a low-cost airline is always a compromise between comfort and price. If the priority for you is the price of a ticket, then Pobeda is your option, and if you need a full range of services, it is better to buy a ticket from a “regular” airline at a standard fare.


    Low airfare pricesLarge route networkNew planesPunctuality


    Minimum carry-on dimensionsSeating passengers from one bookingNo discount for children over 2 years of ageNo meals

Carefully read the rules of transportation of the Pobeda airline, pay in advance for the required amount of baggage, the choice of seats, measure your hand luggage and then there will be more pluses from flying with a low-cost airline than minuses.

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