PCT: the volume of air transportation from Russia to Turkey will not satisfy demand in the summer

The volume of transportation announced for the upcoming summer to Turkey will not be able to fully meet the demand. This was stated by Vice-President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RCT) Dmitry Gorin.

flights. Now, not in the peak season, 200 flights a week is quite in line with demand. In May, 300-400 flights will be needed, and by the summer, given that Turkey is also a transit point, there should be at least 850 flights a week,” he said, Interfax reports.

As Dmitry Gorin emphasized, flight programs of tour operators make package holidays more affordable, but they alone will also not be able to cover all demand, especially in the regions.

We expect that Russian and Turkish aviation authorities will be able to agree on the required volume of transportation, taking into account the parity of the parties. In June 2022, only 44 Russian aircraft could fly to Turkey, by now the fleet has grown, many vessels have been bought from lessors, as a result, out of 800 Russian airliners, 180 can already be put on the line. This gives hope for a significant increase in quotas on the route,” the expert said, adding that the process of agreeing on quotas for international flights is slower than we would like.

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