PCT: cancellations of tours to Turkey are rare

Russian tourists are in no hurry to refuse trips to Turkey, since it is impossible to cancel tours without fines. This was reported in the Russian Union of the Travel Industry.

PCT: cancellations of tours to Turkey are rare

As it became known, the number of cancellations from travel agencies does not exceed 1-2 per 100 booked tours. Few calls from tourists with questions about the possibility of canceling trips. As emphasized in the PCT, there would be more cancellations if the Russian authorities recommended not to visit Turkey and obliged the operators to give a 100% refund to customers.

“Since everything is calm in Istanbul and Antalya, you can cancel the tour only with a fine . Trips cost an average of 300 thousand rubles, many have Turkish Airlines non-refundable tickets. For example, now a ticket from Moscow to Istanbul, from there to Venice and back to Moscow via Istanbul costs 150 thousand rubles, and no one will return them, ”the PCT explained, Interfax reports.

Recall that On the night of February 6, a strong earthquake occurred in Turkey. According to the latest data, the death toll in Turkey and neighboring Syria has exceeded 13 thousand people.

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