PAPA-Project knows everything about interactive technologies in tourism

There will be more creativity and interactive technologies at the site of the international forum-exhibition OTDYKH Leisure this year! After all, the PAPA-Project project has become the new partner-organizer of the most anticipated autumn travel event.

PAPA-Project is about interactive spaces that become not only an excellent platform for the development of the tourism segment, but also a competent system of visual communications , which will be clear to any traveler.

The goal of PAPA-Project is to integrate interactive technologies into the field of outbound, domestic and inbound tourism. This synergy allows you to create unique spaces, which have no analogues.

PAPA-Project knows everything about interactive technologies in tourism

Participation in “LEISURE Leisure 2022” of such a creatively advanced and technologically savvy partner as PAPA-Project will allow any tourist to “hook” and become a new incentive for promoting the tourism product in the domestic and international tourism markets. The PAPA-Project team will help you look at the organization of recreation from a new and high-tech angle!

We invite everyone to the PAPA-Project booth at OTDYCH Leisure 2022. The project team will tell you how to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of the audience.


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