One in five steals from hotels. How hotels deal with nesuns

One in five steals from hotels. How hotels deal with nesunami

Theft in hotels from innocent fun has become a real scourge of hoteliers. What guests don’t take away as a keepsake: completely legal “souvenirs” like shampoos, pens and disposable slippers, and valuables like bedside tables, paintings, TVs. There was a case when a massage table disappeared from the spa (although the athletes who did this admitted that they confused it with their own). It is known that 20% of travelers at least once in their life took something illegal as a memento of their stay in a hotel. You don want­to mute this channel Good articles, whole news and #tourist bear!

Who drags pens, and who TVs

Experts tell one curious story. A well-known American network received a letter from a guest in which he brought thousands of apologies for accidentally taking a pen from his room with him. Such honesty made the employees shed tears, because in a year 10 TVs were taken out of this hotel! What do Russians steal from planes? The 3 Most Popular Items

Why Almost Everyone Picks Up Cosmetics

The vast majority of tourists take bottles with cosmetics from the bathroom: shower gels, shampoos, creams. It is absolutely legal and even encouraged: branded bottles serve as additional advertising. In good hotels, their contents are always of high quality (sometimes famous brands are used), so people willingly use cosmetics at home and save on purchases.

True, some allow too much: for example, they pour liquid soap from a dispenser. But despite this fact, the Mariott chain has announced that it is moving from disposable bottles of shampoos and gels to larger containers with dispensers. This is done in order to reduce the amount of waste – no less than half a billion bottles a year.

But plastic sachets are not popular because they are inconvenient to tear with wet hands. They are used in mid-range hotels and are quite economical.

14 rolls of toilet paper

It is known that nothing can be taken out of the room which is more expensive than slippers. However, guests often steal towels, bathrobes, umbrellas, dishes, TV and air conditioner remotes. Collectors also collect plastic keys and Do Not Disturb signs.

In 2017, Turkish hotel security detained Russian travelers who were trying to take out two suitcases of hotel property. They contained 14 rolls of toilet paper and flowers uprooted from the front garden (probably for landscaping the dacha).

Developing the theme

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This year, a group of Indians attempted to rob a hotel in Indonesia where she was staying. Tourists packed towels, a hair dryer, hangers, and also … a set of traditional wicker baskets (why spend money on souvenirs?). And in one European hotel, the guest grabbed a leather folder, leaving a plastic one instead.

Beware of guests with screwdrivers

There is a category of cunning people who travel with screwdrivers in order to unscrew and appropriate something useful. Some take off their smoke detectors to avoid being detected smoking in the room. There are also those that are able to disassemble and carry out small furniture. They tell about one granny who, as if by accident, took a tool with her on the road, with the help of which she easily unwound and took the bedside table with her – after this it is difficult to be surprised at something.

Prison and even death due to theft

Quite naturally, the administration is looking for ways to cut losses and is taking active steps to protect property: hanging surveillance cameras, sewing RFID chips into literally everything, including towels and bed linen. By the way, this innovation helps hotels save about 10 thousand USD per year on average. ru/sized/f550x700/44/9r/449r7m3e6wis0w0sc8wscwg88.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Every fifth steals from hotels. How hotels deal with nesuns

What happens to guests who are caught red-handed stealing? Most get off with a slight fright, the return of the stolen or compensation for material damage by debiting from a bank card. In case of major incidents, employees call the police, and they start a criminal case.

It happens that tourists end up in prison and the case ends quite tragically. In North Korea, an American student decided to pocket a propaganda poster hanging in a hotel and was sentenced to 15 years in prison (!). After 17 months of imprisonment, the poor fellow fell into a coma, in this state he was sent to his homeland, after which he died.

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