Off the beaten path places to visit in Wales – The Travel Hack

Off-the-beaten-path attractions in Wales - Travel Hacks

There are so many things to do in Wales, but today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite off-the-beaten-path experiences. You probably already know that Wales is one of the most beautiful small countries in the world. It can be said to be one of the most underrated works, but maybe I’m just biased here. Wales is beautiful and outdoor enthusiasts will be impressed by this little gem.

Here’s our guide to off-the-beaten-path places and unique things to do in Wales. This post has been created in collaboration with Unique Hideaways and features a selection of some of my favorite hideaways in Wales!

Off-the-beaten-path attractions in Wales - Travel Hacks

Planning your escape to Wales

There are three important things you will need when planning your holiday to Wales:

  1. car
  2. google map
  3. It’s a waterproof jacket!

Although it is possible to visit Wales without a car, it is not recommended. The beautiful and secluded location is off the bus lines and far from the train station, making it much easier to get to if you have your own wheels. You’ll want to preload Google Maps on your phone. And of course, you need good waterproofing too!

Where to stay in Wales

Glamping is everything when you’re in Wales. Yes, there are hotels and B&Bs, but if you want to enjoy Mother Nature and its beauty, I highly recommend a luxury glamping trip.

Glamping offers an experience close to nature without the harsh living conditions of a tent.

The unique retreat offers stylish, unusual and luxurious options, giving you the chance to be back in the wild (while providing hot water, comfortable beds and delicious food). They have a gorgeous portfolio of hidden locations, and each one on their site has been carefully hand-picked to ensure it’s the best!

Some of my favorites are:

Siddin Barn is a stunning converted barn set in 40 acres of peaceful countryside in Carmarthenshire. It has a rustic charm with exposed beams and stone walls, with a modern feel. There’s a cozy fire pit outside where you can toast marshmallows and stargaze!

Off-the-beaten-path attractions in Wales - Travel Hacks

Sidin Cowshed

For stunning sea views, Station A in Pembrokeshire is the place to be. Imagine waking up in the morning, walking out your patio door, sitting in the sun and enjoying your coffee while looking out at the ocean. Ah, bliss! This spacious open-plan option was originally a World War II research station, but has been thoughtfully converted into a unique retreat.

Off-the-beaten-path attractions in Wales - Travel Hacks

A station

Our final choice was Y Berllan Hideaway in Pembrokeshire near Fishguard. A magical forest cabin with enchanting forest charm and just a short walk to the beach. This is also perfect for winter vacations!

Off-the-beaten-path attractions in Wales - Travel Hacks

Y Berran Hideaway

Off the beaten path places to visit in Wales

  1. Fairy Glen, Conwy

Even if you didn’t believe in fairies before, you will after visiting Fairy Glen.

A simple walk takes you through the trees and down to the valley where the river flows through the rugged rocks. Moss-covered rocks line the valley and the rushing waters of the River Conwy add to the magical atmosphere. This is one of my favorite places to visit in Wales, with many other attractions nearby including the pretty village of Betws a Coed, the waterfall Swallow Falls, and Bedgerelt not far away. The roads are truly spectacular.

It is also easily accessible, just off the main A5 road near Betws-y-Coed. If you’re searching for Fairy Glen on Google Maps, look for FFos Anoddun

  1. henrid falls

At 90ft high, Henridd Falls is the tallest waterfall in South Wales. Located in the Brecon Beacons on National Trust property, it is off the beaten path, but is extremely well maintained and is one of the best places to visit in Wales. This waterfall is best visited after heavy rains to see the spectacular waterfall rushing down. This is useful as we often experience heavy rain in Wales. There is also a promenade nearby called Nantrehi, perfect to combine with a trip to the waterfalls.

  1. Aber Falls

Aber Falls is the second waterfall on our list and is a great “off the beaten track” option for families with kids. It feels like a real adventure, but it’s easy enough for little kids to do.

Just off the A55, Aber Falls is a 37 meter waterfall surrounded by beautiful woodland scenery. You can jump into the icy water at the bottom of the falls, and there are also calm rock pools suitable for paddling.

There is a promenade leading up to the waterfall, making it an easy two-hour walk. It takes 2 hours to walk at a leisurely pace and is suitable for an all-terrain stroller.

Read more: 10 things to know when visiting Aber Falls

  1. Lin and Van Fach

llyn-y-van-Fach is a lake in Carmarthenshire that is one of the most stunning. It’s a 5km round trip to the lake, but if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a beautiful 15km hiking trail that takes you between the two lakes.

  1. Culver Hall and Blue Pool Corner

Culver Hall in Swansea looks like something out of a children’s picture book. This is definitely where the pirates hid their treasure!

Between the cliffs is a 60-foot-tall stone wall, dotted with small windows all the way up to the top. Culverhall’s history is thought to date back to his 13th or 14th century, and it is full of pigeon hives that would have been an important source of meat in the Middle Ages.

There is a steep walk down from the cliff above, but it’s a fun scramble and perfect for older kids.

While you’re in the area, be sure to check out Blue Pool Corner, a beautiful natural rock pool. Although it may be a popular spot, swimming is not recommended as many people have been washed away by the sea while relaxing in the pool.

  1. Skrinkle Heaven Beach

If you’re looking for a Robinson Crusoe-like experience with golden sand, blue water, and hidden beaches surrounded by cliffs, this is the place for you.

Skrinkle Haven Beach in Pembrokeshire is even more special because it’s a bit more difficult to access. Please note that at low tide you will have to walk around the limestone cliffs, which can only be accessed for a short time. It is also accessible from the nearby beach, Church Doors. It’s a little difficult, but if you pass through the towering archway, you should be able to get there!

Learn more about.

  1. Nantemill, Wrexham

If you’re looking for a family-friendly spot where you can easily get into natural swimming, Nantes Mill is the place for you. Through the dense forests of Plus Power Woods, there is an easy trail that leads to a small but beautiful waterfall. The pool here is perfect for those new to wild swimming and a great place to paddle on a hot day.

  1. Dale’s Watwick Bay

This beach may be small, but they say the best things come in small packages, right?

Warwick Bay in Pembrokeshire is a small piece of white sand paradise. Accessible only from the coastal path, it’s a great place for walkers to take a break, but its sheltered location also makes it a great place to spend the day. If you have the energy, bring some shade and a cooler and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Wales!

  1. Porth Iago, Llyn Peninsula

This off-the-beaten-path gem is one of those spots that makes you wonder why you ever go abroad. If you visit on a sunny day, you may find yourself in the Caribbean. It’s so beautiful! The sunsets on this side of the Llyn Peninsula are just out of this world, so we recommend visiting in the late afternoon and staying to watch the sunset.

It can be difficult to find, so Google Maps will be your friend here. You have to cross a private farm to access the beach, but you can currently only pay in coins for £5.

  1. Llanddwyn, Anglesey

It’s a very popular place to visit in Wales, so while it may not be completely off the beaten path, I couldn’t leave it off the list as it’s one of my all-time favorites. Llandwyn Island is a beautiful little outcrop with the remains of a lighthouse and church.

We recommend parking in Newborough Forest (home to red squirrels!) and walking through the forest along Newborough Beach to Llandwyn Island. It’s a beautiful walk and the combination of forest and beach is very nice.

For additional ideas and things to do in Wales, read my travel guides and Wales blog posts!

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