Not a foot there: 6 beaches of Sochi, where it is frankly bad

No foot there: 6 Sochi beaches where it's frankly bad

Sochi is an exemplary resort, if you close your eyes to a trifle: on some of its beaches it is difficult to swim without harm to health and nervous system. Tourists complain about dirty water, sharp pebbles, garbage and dust, and an unsafe bottom. The coastline is narrow, amenities are in a deplorable state, equipment is modest. And at the same time, the people are in darkness, so they will have to fight for a place under the sun. Of course, there are quite suitable beaches in the resort, but here are those that are best avoided. This channel you don want­t to mute. Good articles, full news and #tourist bear!

1. City beach of Sochi

City and adjacent beaches of the Sea Galaxy and Zhemchuzhina hotels are narrow, cramped and always crowded. Going into the water barefoot is risky: slippery cobblestones come across at the bottom. In the morning the sea is normal, but in the afternoon it becomes cloudy, debris and algae appear. /f550x700/5t/fw/5tfwmld00rwok80wg08gcs8s4.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Not a foot there: 6 beaches of Sochi, where it is frankly bad

2. Phasotron

The beach of the Fazotron sanatorium was once included in the dubious top of the dirtiest and most undesirable to visit in the resort. Now the situation is not so deplorable, but the disadvantages remain: the site is small, only 400 m long, there are a lot of people, there are problems with parking, there are no conditions for vacationers with disabilities, and the staff, judging by the reviews, is not very polite. Guests of the Yuzhny-2 beach in Adler also systematically complain about the rudeness of the staff: it comes to the point that they are trying to rip money off the citizens lying on the stones for the shade from the nearby fungi and umbrellas. And on the Albatross beach, lifeguards are rude to visitors.

3. Svirsky

Svirsky beach in Lazarevsky is located in a picturesque gorge with a stream, mountains and a waterfall. But there are so many people that you can’t squeeze through to the sea without accidentally stepping on someone. Various music from nearby cafes, cries of merchants and touts, extraneous smells, dirt underfoot, rocky entrance to the sea, and the most unpleasant thing is sewage and sewage from boats that can cause an intestinal infection.

4. Chkalovsky

Chkalovsky beach in Adler is compact, crowded and not very well maintained. There are cigarette butts and garbage from numerous cafes on the shore, there are not enough sunbeds, the sellers are intrusive, the bottom is rocky, the sea is polluted, and in the immediate vicinity there is a railway – the noise of trains drowns out the splashing of the waves. On the Adler beach “Chaika” there is also nowhere for an apple to fall, the water is stained with fuel, there are jellyfish near the shore, and it is better not to go into the local toilet.

5. The beach near the Fisht Stadium

The beach opposite the Fisht stadium is not equipped at all: there are no sun loungers with umbrellas, no rescue towers, or anything else. The coating is small stones mixed with cobblestones, there are a lot of people, but the main sadness is the muddy sea, reminiscent of the texture of jelly with dirt and debris on the surface. Tourists recommend walking to the nearby beach, which is cleaner and more equipped.

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6. Riviera

But the Riviera beach is considered one of the best: beautiful, sandy, well-maintained, with boardwalks, umbrellas, awnings, sun loungers, tents, toilets and changing rooms. But if you look closely, the sand there looks more like dust (which also gets very dirty), large stones are scattered everywhere, and the sea is so dirty that vacationers are advised to take a catamaran and sail away to get at least some pleasure from swimming.

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