North Wales Campsites: The 9 best places to camp in North Wales! – The Travel Hack

Campsites in North Wales: 9 of the best places to camp in North Wales! - Travel Hacks

There are so many campsites in North Wales that we’ve put together 10 of the best campsites in North Wales for you to choose from. People often find it difficult to find a campsite. That’s because many of the best hidden gems are family-run sites with small websites that aren’t always easy to find online. Especially if you’re looking for it while you’re in another country where you might not have access to it. Go to website.

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I have lived in North Wales all my life and have spent many years exploring this wonderful region. So today we’re introducing you to 9 of the best campsites in North Wales!

Campsites in North Wales: 9 of the best places to camp in North Wales! - Travel Hacks

North Wales is a popular region for camping, caravanning and motorhomes. I’ve done all three a lot, but my dream setup is a tall tent (one that you can stand up in) and a small camper. Campers are good for sleeping, but they’re even better for day trips, especially if you’re outdoors on a hiking trip or at the beach. It provides space to change, relax, prepare food and hot drinks, a table for lunch and shelter from the weather (be it very hot or cold!). A gas stove, a day van with a small fridge, a bed and lots of storage space are especially great if you have small children. My dream is to someday convert a camper and design the interior for a busy family!

The top 9 North Wales campsites

Lynn Gwinant

Campsites in North Wales: 9 of the best places to camp in North Wales! - Travel Hacks

Location: Nant Gwinant

Key Features: Lakeside camping at the foot of Snowdon

Topping the list is Lyn Gwinant Campsite, a beautiful lakeside campsite in the heart of Snowdonia. It’s a short walk from the base of Snowdon, making it the perfect place to stay when hiking Snowdon. The lake is a popular spot for water sports such as kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, and rafts, all of which are available for rental. You can also participate in lakeside yoga sessions and yoga SUP sessions!

You can add a little luxury to your camping trip by renting a bell tent.

You will need to book online as this is one of the busiest campsites in North Wales. We recommend booking early for bank and school holidays.

Bezgelat Campsite

Campsites in North Wales: 9 of the best places to camp in North Wales! - Travel Hacks

Location: Bezgelert

Main features: Beautiful forest environment

This woodland campsite in Bedgelert is one of my favorite campsites in North Wales thanks to its magical woodland atmosphere. The site is now affiliated with Forest Holidays, which offers luxury log cabins in the woods, but there are still 26 grass campsites and 59 hardstanding pitches. I don’t feel that the house changes the feel of the site. In addition to breakfast, there is a “Bake House” on the premises, which is perfect for pizza, hamburgers, curry, etc. There’s also 1085 Adventures on site, which offers guided adventures and bike rentals.

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Bikepacking with 1085 Adventures in Beddgelert (this was an activity day with an adventure company based at the campground)

Campsites in North Wales: 9 of the best places to camp in North Wales! - Travel Hacks

Bart’s Kitchen Garden

Location: Rin Peninsula

Key features: Direct access to the Welsh Coast Road

If you’re looking to camp in a wildflower meadow next to a lush kitchen garden, just a short walk from the sea, Bart’s Kitchen Garden is the North Wales campsite for you!

This campsite is a place to escape from everyday life, reconnect with nature, put down your phone and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Llyn Peninsula. As well as 18 tent sites, there’s also space for a campervan, two glamping tents, Otto the schoolie and Hank, a converted campervan.

Porth Iago Camp

Campsites in North Wales: 9 of the best places to camp in North Wales! - Travel Hacks

Location: Rin Peninsula

Main features: The most amazing beaches

Port Iago is probably my favorite beach in all of Wales. This little hidden cove is small but so perfect and always amazingly quiet when I visited. This is a dreamy campsite, accessed via a farm, so you might have some “Was I meant to be here?” moment. But don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

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Read my complete guide to visiting Porth Iago here.

Treheli Farm

Location: Rin Peninsula

Main features: Beachside camping

Treheli Farm campsite in North Wales is the most idyllic clifftop campsite, perfectly located in Porth Neill/Hell’s Mouth. Beautiful beaches are the perfect backdrop for camping. It’s a deliberately simple campsite, no electricity or his Wi-Fi, but with a beach like this on your doorstep, what more could you need?

To get there, to actually get to all these campsites in Wales, you need a car. If you don’t have a car or are traveling from overseas, you can rent one at the nearest Liverpool Airport.

Aberaphon Camp

Location: Rin Peninsula

Main features: Beachside camping

OK, this is another beachside campsite on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. I may be a bit biased, but this truly is Wales’ most gorgeous and most underrated area. This is another simple campsite on a cliff overlooking a long sandy beach. There is electricity here, and there are also vacation rentals.

smuggler’s cove

Location: Avard Bay

Key features: Great location + separate fire pit

Smugglers Cove is located opposite the RSPB Bird Sanctuary and, thanks to its abundance of birdlife, was also the filming location for BBC’s Springwatch. There are only three pitches on the edge of the Dyfi Estuary, so you’ll need to book well in advance to take advantage of this popular campsite in North Wales. Each pitch is very private and comes with an individual fire pit, which is a great addition as many campsites prohibit bonfires.

Nankol Waterfall Campsite

Location: Llanbedr

Main features: Camping along the river next to the waterfall!

This beautiful North Wales campsite is one of the biggest on my list, with great facilities and a lovely, family atmosphere. Not only that, but each pitch is just a short walk from the river and waterfall. Fall asleep to the sound of the river and enjoy a refreshing dip in the water every morning. Children will love the rope swing that plunges them into the water, and parents will love the relaxing atmosphere of the site.

Hawarden Estate Farm Shop Campground

Location: Hawarden

Main features: Luxury farm shop with interesting events

Hawarden Estate is a new luxury family campsite in North Wales offering a completely different style of camping. This farm shop has been a popular spot for years, not only offering locally grown produce but also hosting events, workshops, and classes.

By popular demand, a luxury campsite is now open where you can pitch your own tent or choose a gorgeous bell tent.

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