New entry rules for Italy announced

New rules announced rules for entering Italy

To the delight of foreign tourists and Russians who want to get to the EU countries by detours and have foreign-made vaccinations, after more than two years of restrictions, Italy announced the lifting of the state of emergency and the lifting of all measures related to the coronavirus. At the same time, the vaccination status remains valid. As Prime Minister Mario Draghi explained in a recently released report, the goal is “to reopen everything as quickly as possible.” Thanks to the refusal of the authorities from anti-COVID rules from April 1, it will be easier for tourists to get to a European country. The relevant government decrees were quoted by the Italian media.

According to the regulations, the use of the green pass health certificate will be reduced, and the requirement to present proof of vaccination status at many sites in April will also be phased out. Of the anti-COVID measures, until May 1, the requirement to wear protective masks in enclosed spaces and in public transport will remain. Then it will be removed. In addition, the official confirmed that the new entry rules apply to all foreign tourists, and not just those entering from EU countries.

New rules for crossing the Italian border

For vaccinated people

Fully vaccinated tourists, i.e. those who have received one/two doses of an anti-coronavirus drug within the last nine months or those who have been revaccinated from any country are no longer required to provide a negative coronavirus test to enter Italy. This means that vaccinated travelers can provide either proof of vaccination status – this is a certificate, or a certificate of recovery from covid if the traveler has been ill in the past six months.

For tourists without vaccination or with an expired vaccination

Unvaccinated travelers can also enter Italy and are no longer required to quarantine. Recall that earlier they had to be in isolation upon arrival for five days. However, they will be required to confirm their recovery from coronavirus or a negative PCR test.

For everyone

Regardless of vaccination status, all arrivals in Italy must complete a search form passengers through the EUdPLF app. If they fail to do so, they will have to undergo a five-day quarantine upon arrival. Passengers entering or leaving the country must wear an FFP2 type mask on board.

About the Super Green Pass

Until the rules are lifted in April, Italians and visitors to the country over the age of 12 will not be able to enter most indoor areas without a Super Green Pass, an analogue of the Russian certificate of a person who has been vaccinated or recovered from coronavirus with a QR code from the State Services.

The pass contains information confirming that you have been vaccinated or recovered from covid. The document does not support a negative test result for COVID, so tourists can go to cinemas, theaters, stadiums only if they have been vaccinated or have been ill with an infection.

It is also needed to be able to dine in both indoor and outdoor restaurants, as well as to check into hotels, access to ski lifts, museums, archaeological sites, gyms and swimming pools. In addition, the Super Green Pass is required for all forms of public transport, including local, regional and national. This includes planes, trains, ships, buses, trams and subways.

How do I get it?

For those in the EU, a similar EU COVID Digital Certificate issued by a country in the bloc can be used instead of the Super Green Pass. Recall that this European country does not recognize either a Russian-made coronavirus vaccine or a certificate of having been ill with COVID-19, therefore it does not allow our compatriots to enter its territory for tourism purposes.

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