Nepal imposes ban on solo hiking for foreigners from April

Tourist organization obliges single foreign tourist to take a guide aprelja-050129a.jpg” alt=”Nepal bans solo trekking for foreigners from April” />

According to recent developments, Nepal has decided to ban solo or independent travelers from trekking in Nepal, starting from April 1, without the help of a guide. This was recently reported by a senior official of the Nepal Tourism Board.

Referring to this, Mani Raj Lamichane, a spokesman for the board of directors, added that the tourism organization has now made it mandatory for a lone foreign tourist to take a guide. He added that this decision was made after considering the safety of such tourists.

The representative also added that they record 40 to 50 cases each year when trekkers lose contact during hikes, which sends a signal to the world that Nepal is not a safe place.

He also added that for this reason they have decided to promote organized hiking in Nepal,  and that another reason for this decision is to create more jobs in the country.

As for free and independent trekkers, these are those who plan their own travels and prefer to travel alone, without resorting to the help of tracking agencies. These travelers are considered price-conscious travelers.

In 2019, the tourism board gave permission for more than 46,000 foreign solo travelers before the COVID pandemic hit, according to Lamichane. -19.

According to the records, Nepal Trekking Agencies Association has been lobbying for the one trekker-one guide system since 2012.


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