Named the problem of living together in hotels in Turkey, Russians and Ukrainians

Problem identified when Russians and Ukrainians live together in hotels in Turkey

In Turkish hotels, there were no interethnic conflicts between Russian and Ukrainian tourists, which hoteliers feared. The main problem is common – it's high prices. This assessment was voiced by experts of the Russian tourist market. However, hoteliers and tour operators are trying to the best of their ability to separate Russian and remaining Ukrainian tourists into different hotels, the Turkish media add.

As Artur Muradyan, head of the SpaceTravel tour operator, commented to Business FM, tour operators do not receive complaints about interethnic clashes. The only problem in hotels where Russian and Ukrainian tourists stay together is the prices. This year they have risen by 50-150% – and possibly left budget lovers of conflicts “overboard”.

Tourists also say that either everything was peaceful with Ukrainian tourists, or ours simply did not meet. According to a tourist from Moscow named Anton, on vacation they met a family from Kyiv through their children and “no problems arose.” Another tourist, Konstantin, added that there were simply no Ukrainian tourists at the hotel where he was staying. “There are only Russians and Kazakhs. I have never seen Ukrainians in a hotel,” he said.

The Turkish media that broadcast this news note that this is a conscious policy of hoteliers. If possible, travel companies, as well as hotels, try not to accommodate Russian and Ukrainian tourists in the same hotel.

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