Named the 20 most annoying passengers in the action plane

The 20 Most Annoying Passengers on an Action Plane Named

A tourist can prepare for a long-haul flight, learn to sleep on an airplane, and even deal with a fear of flying, but can't choose who sits next to him if flying alone. The British company Only Wanderlust conducted a study and compiled the top 20 most annoying actions for air travelers. The first place was taken by the so-called tactics, which are used by naughty children, but adults also successfully use them.

“Many of us are flying again after a long break due to the pandemic. Along with this comes the trials and tribulations of sharing an enclosed space with strangers at an altitude of over 10,000 kilometers. We were interested to know what is the most common irritant and where people's habit of improperly wearing masks will take place, as this is a new addition to air travel,” explained the founder of the company, Amar Hussein.

The experts interviewed more than 1,500 air tourists and each of them said that he was most annoyed in fellow travelers. Chair kicks topped the list of the most annoying things that can happen on an airplane. Most of the respondents voted for them. Psychological experts call this behavior a tactic of naughty children: kicking the seat is an old way to unbalance people.

In addition, according to the survey, women are more annoyed by body odor than seat kicks, and people aged 35 to 55 are more annoyed by loud conversations. It was also surprising that despite seat reclining being the seventh most annoying thing tourists can do on an airplane, 65 percent of people surveyed by Only Wanderlust felt they were entitled to recline their seat during a flight.

So, the ranking of the most annoying things that passengers do during the flight is as follows:

  1. Tourists kicking the seat.
  2. The stinky fellow traveler is a passenger , which smells bad.
  3. Loudly talking neighbor.
  4. Neighbor who tugs at your air seat: leans on it or tries to pull himself up by grabbing it.
  5. Drunken tourist.
  6. Noisy child – crying babies or naughty children.
  7. The person in front reclines their seat.
  8. A traveler wearing strong perfume or cologne.
  9. A passenger without a face mask or one wearing one on the chin.
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  11. A tourist who snores like a locomotive.
  12. Smelly feet – the passenger takes off his socks or shoes.
  13. Hurry tourist – the plane has not yet completed landing, and the impatient passenger is already standing and taking out luggage.
  14. A fellow traveler who brought smelly food.
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  16. A tourist who gets up regularly.
  17. Chatterbox – a neighbor endlessly talks to you or on the phone during the flight.
  18. Dominant tourist – a neighbor who takes up the whole armrest.
  19. Too relaxed – a passenger who puts his feet on/between your seats.
  20. A clapper is a tourist who applauds when a plane lands.
  21. Menspreder – from English. man – “man” and spread – “scatter (scatter), spread (s)”). The passenger is usually a man who sits on public transport with his legs spread wide, thereby taking up more than one seat.
  22. “Owl” – uses bright screens of phones or tablets during night flights.

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