Myanmar resumes flights and reopens to tourists

Myanmar resumes flights and reopens for tourists

Myanmar has been closed for more than two years due to the COVID-pandemic 19 and a military coup. Recall that on February 1, 2021, the elected government was overthrown and army generals came to power. The reopening of Yangon Airport to international flights will allow Myanmar residents abroad to return to their families.

Myanmar Tourism Marketing Department said in a statement that business travelers and tourists can now visit the country if they are fully vaccinated and meet the e-Visa criteria.

So, foreigners should first of all apply online for a business or tourist e-visa.

However, fully vaccinated travelers are required to present a recent negative PCR test taken prior to departure, arrange for a private airport transfer in advance, and stay at least 24 hours in their room while waiting for the results of the PCR test taken upon arrival.

One more requirement for foreigners — mandatory purchase of Myanmar health insurance, which covers the risks of COVID-19. Starting price $50 for insurance valid for 15 days. If the test is positive, health insurance will cover the additional costs of quarantine at the hotel and treatment in the hospital in the amount of not more than 4,500 USD.

Cash withdrawals from ATMs in Myanmar are currently not possible, plastic cards are not accepted . Tourists need to arrange their trip in advance through a travel agency and take plenty of cash with them to pay for all additional expenses on vacation.

So far, few airlines are ready to resume flights to Yangon. Demand for travel to the country has reached zero, mainly due to security concerns, the threat of COVID-19 and negative sentiment shared by travelers on social media.

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