My trivago app family travel challenge: How I got on + a video! – The Travel Hack

Trivago App Family Travel Challenge: How to Ride + Video! - Travel Hacks

One of my favorite things about traveling is actually the pre-trip part. It’s a travel plan. I love deciding where to go, what to do, where to stay, and where to eat. I love that excitement when you plan a rough itinerary and then pack up and leave at the last minute.

That being said, I also love spontaneous trips. It feels great to pack your bags and head out on an unknown adventure. It reminds me of my backpacking days (which seems like a distant memory now!)

I was really lucky to be able to enjoy two of my favorite types of travel with the trivago app’s Family Travel Challenge.

In case you missed it, trivago set me a challenge to go on a trip and find accommodation using their new app. My first night’s accommodation had to be booked in advance, and my second night’s had to be booked at the last minute.

I was traveling with my mom and George, and they were two very noisy customers. There was a long list of things the hotel needed:

  1. baby friendly
  2. It’s spacious enough for three people
  3. in a great location
  4. lots of facilities
  5. Stay near the beach for at least one night (mother’s request)
  6. Unusual and quirky stay for at least one night (my request)
  7. Travel bed and room service included (George’s request)

We weren’t asking for much, were we….?

So, how did we get on?

Once I decided I wanted to live in North Wales, finding the perfect hotel was actually quite easy.

Use the trivago app

The trivago app allows you to choose single, double, group or family rooms, so the app will only show you the appropriate options. All hotels can be viewed on a map so finding the perfect location is easy. Then narrow your search to include beaches, spas, pools, and more. It’s so easy to use that even my mom could do it (sorry mom!)

Our first night

The first night we stayed at Portmeirion and it had everything we wanted. It had two double bedrooms, a living room, two balconies, a travel cot, and a great room service menu.

Our second night

The second night was a bit difficult as it was a night we had booked at the last minute. I was nervous about this, so nervous!

I had a very selective list of things I wanted, but would I be able to find them all night long before I really needed them? I also didn’t want to travel too far, so I wanted somewhere fairly close to Portmeirion. There was a need.

Thankfully, we found the perfect spot at Bronn Effiong Country House. There were no two rooms here, just a large twin room. The room was lovely and spacious, but we had been spoiled in Portmeirion and missed having the extra room and living room.

If you want to see for yourself how we spent it, I made this little video from our trip.

You can download the new trivago app using the button below. Now, who knows what kind of travel adventure it will lead to…

Trivago App Family Travel Challenge: How to Ride + Video! - Travel Hacks

Trivago App Family Travel Challenge: How to Ride + Video! - Travel Hacks

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