My travel blogger challenge: Christmas shopping in World Duty Free – The Travel Hack

My Travel Blogger Challenge: Christmas Shopping at World Duty Free - Travel Hacks

I feel bad even calling this a challenge because we all know this was the best “challenge” ever. World Duty Free gave me the challenge of buying all my Christmas presents at their Terminal 5 store (read more about my Shopping Challenge from Travel Blogger here).

As usual, I was a little behind schedule with my Christmas shopping (so I hadn’t really started). So this challenge came at the perfect time and even gave me the opportunity to visit Berlin. To get to World Duty Free, you must pass through a security checkpoint. Why not take a quick pre-Christmas trip to one of Europe’s most festive cities?

So how did the challenge go?

I didn’t get through security until 2 hours before my flight because I had suitcases to check in. Now you only have 2 hours left to buy all the presents. 2 hours, 1 store, 14 people present. I usually spend 2-3 days Christmas shopping, could he really do it in 2 hours?

I was greeted at Terminal 5 by Marilyn, the manager and personal shopper. He greeted me with a big hug and promised me that we were going to have a great time. I fell in love with her right away.

Merlin showed me around World Duty Free and encouraged me to taste everything, smell everything and try everything. She showed me the most expensive wine (£5,000!) exclusive to the airport. She then introduced me to a whiskey lover who selected some whiskeys to include in my gift. I didn’t know there were whiskey experts at the airport, but they were very knowledgeable and even served as judges for the whiskey competition. I had a little chat with the person I was buying the whiskey from about price ranges and they quickly selected what they thought was the best fit. As the Australians say, “That’s too easy, man’.

My Travel Blogger Challenge: Christmas Shopping at World Duty Free - Travel Hacks

After our duty-free tour, we indulged in a little pampering and had a luxurious hand and arm massage at Jo Malone. If you’re not familiar with Jo Malone, I recommend that you imagine the most delicious scent you can think of and multiply it by about 4,000 to get the Jo Malone scent. In addition to perfumes and body lotions, you’ll also find candles and fragrances for your home.

I told the man that I like sweet vanilla scents, so he chose a combination of blue agavas, cacao, peony and blush suede for the hand massage. I don’t think you would say this about yourself, but I smelled divine. In fact, the man sitting next to me on the plane caught me sniffing his arm at one point. He gave me a weird look and I wanted to shove his arm in front of his nose and demand that he smell me, but it was just too weird and I was on my flight to Berlin. I thought it might get awkward!

My Travel Blogger Challenge: Christmas Shopping at World Duty Free - Travel Hacks

After the hand massage, I had a mini facial at Creme de La Mer. I had never heard of this ultra-premium brand before, but when I found out the price, I understood why (wow!) It was created by scientists who noticed that algae and algae were soft and smooth. Touching my hands frequently has made my hands look younger. I’m not sure how true this is, but the products I tested kept my skin soft, smooth, and well-hydrated throughout the entire flight.

The luxury didn’t end there. After the skincare session, I was taken to the makeup artist at the YSL stand for a complete makeover.

I wish someone had met me at the Berlin airport. I don’t think I’ve ever looked so attractive or smelled so good on a plane. In fact, throw it away. I’ve never looked or smelled nice on a plane. I think the taxi driver who picked me up from the airport appreciated my efforts.

As you can imagine, indulging in expensive snacks and drooling took quite a while, and before I knew it, it was 30 minutes before the plane gate closed ah.

As I scoured the World Duty Free Shop in search of the perfect Christmas present, Marilyn sensed my panic and handed me a basket.

half an hour. There are 14 gifts. 1 store.

My Travel Blogger Challenge: Christmas Shopping at World Duty Free - Travel Hacks

My Travel Blogger Challenge: Christmas Shopping at World Duty Free - Travel Hacks

I first rushed to the alcohol aisle and picked out two bottles of whiskey and two bottles of Hendrick’s Gin that came with little teacups (“Too cute,” I could already hear my friends saying on Christmas Day). He also received two boxes of perfume. A set, some chocolates, some make-up, and a delicious bottle of Baileys Chocolat Luxe that I’m sure will taste good on Christmas Day night.

And I couldn’t leave without buying myself a little Christmas present. Even Marilyn was so insistent that she couldn’t refuse. I bought myself a bright red Mac lippie and Benefit mascara, perfect for Christmas.

My Travel Blogger Challenge: Christmas Shopping at World Duty Free - Travel Hacks

All the presents were packed and taken home and we were able to collect them at Heathrow Airport on the way back using the fantastic Shop and Collect service. I wouldn’t have been able to carry heavy bottles all the way to Berlin, so this service is really convenient and can be used regardless of how much you buy.

The verdict?

First of all, I had no idea that World Duty Free could be so much fun. I didn’t know there were so many free treatments to try, but nothing beats a pre-flight hand massage or facial.

Purchasing gifts at World Duty Free was so easy. I sometimes overthink Christmas presents and end up spending hours deciding on the perfect gift. Sometimes this is necessary, but who doesn’t like a bottle of their favorite drink and chocolates on Christmas Day? You can’t go wrong with a perfume gift set, a stuffed animal for a child, or a luxurious makeup item for that special woman (your mother, a friend, or yourself). So sometimes I think it’s best to keep your Christmas shopping simple and not overly complicated.

The challenge of buying all my gifts in one store in a short amount of time actually made the whole experience much easier and less stressful, rather than the opposite I expected. I managed to save him 3 days wandering the high street looking for the perfect gift as everyone is getting something they are sure to love.

In total we spent £250.71. I didn’t get all the presents, but I did manage to find things at the Christmas Market in Berlin that I couldn’t buy at the airport. So I went on a mini-vacation and headed home ready for Christmas! perfection.

Merry Christmas everyone!

A big thank you to everyone at World Duty Free at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 for a great shopping experience.

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