My Christmas wish list and perfect presents for travel lovers – The Travel Hack

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a travel lover? Read on for unique and affordable gifts they’ll love…

For the first time in my life, I feel pretty organized about Christmas. Many presents have already been purchased and wrapped, and the Christmas list has been sent to Santa. (I know it sounds silly and planned, but I’m planning on moving not once but twice over the next few months, and I’m pregnant and busy).

A quick tip: If someone asks you what you want for Christmas, answer right away. This is easy for everyone involved and there is no hassle of asking for a receipt at all.

But sometimes you don’t know what you really want, or you want to give someone a nice surprise. So here are some unique gift ideas for people who love to travel.

The gift of travel!

The easiest and most wonderful gift you can give a travel lover is the gift of travel. Buy your loved one a flight ticket, hotel stay, or an Airbnb somewhere unique locally. It’s a win-win situation because you can join them too and it will be an exciting adventure for everyone!

Read more: How to give the gift of travel to make it a truly special moment!

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

I was able to surprise my husband with a vacation to Menorca!

Flytographer – $250 – $650

Perfect for: People who are planning a special vacation (big trip, honeymoon, first family trip)

Flytographer is a vacation photography service that’s basically the best idea ever. Whether you’re traveling or in your hometown, a professional photographer will take your photos at your destination.

If you’re tired of taking selfies or are normally glued behind the camera, you’ll understand why this is so great.

You can get great shots of you and your family and friends, and your photos may feature some unique sights.

Some of my blogging friends have tried Flytographer and taken some great photos. Check out Jane’s show on Girl Tweets World and Beverly’s show on Pack Your Passport.

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

Bargain Ski Gear – £79.99

Perfect for: People who are going to the slopes for the first time

This is an absolute bargain for anyone skiing this year. Mountain Warehouse carries ski equipment for men, women and children. For £80 you get ski pants, jacket, hat, gloves and socks.

I paid over £150 for the jacket alone so it would seem very generous if I bought this as a gift for someone!

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

Magazine Subscription – From about £15 – £25

Perfect for: Anyone!

This truly is the gift that keeps on giving. When you give someone a subscription to their favorite magazine, they receive that magazine every month for a year. How can you not like that!?

Current hack: When you subscribe to most magazines, you get both a print version and a digital version for your tablet or phone. If you’re buying for someone who doesn’t want or need both, it’s also a nice little gift for yourself. I don’t mind being called a cheap skate, but don’t waste those extra copies!

Selfie Stick -£4.50

Best for: Solo travelers

Just six months ago, I was laughing at people for using selfie sticks. How ridiculous would they look? And when I tried it, my selfies were never the same again.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that selfies look much better when you use a selfie stick. You may think you’re an idiot, but you’ll thank yourself 10 years from now when you have photographic evidence that you really visited the Great Wall of China.

Home Cooking Kit – Monthly Spice Box – From £19.95

Best for: Gourmet

Recreate popular international dishes with our home cooking kits. Buy with a subscription to The Spicery, choose what you want to cook when you want to use it, and have fresh spices and instructions sent to your door.

I bought this for my boyfriend a few months ago. I’m currently pregnant and saving up for a house, so I don’t eat out much, so this is a fun way to ease the Friday night blues.

Personalised Camera Strap – £47.50

Perfect for: Energetic, happy travelers

Travel and photography are inseparable, and most people who travel a lot these days own digital single-lens reflex cameras. Make your camera a little more special and unique with a personalized leather strap.

Sam made this for my birthday and it had “The Travel Hack” engraved on it. I love it and always comment when I see it on my shoulder. This one is from Magpie Accessories and has lots of great gift ideas. It’s not as pretty these days, but I like the well-worn leather look.

Today is my birthday and I’m spoiled to rot! One of my favorite gifts of his is this camera strap engraved with “The Travel Hack.” I love it. (This camera was an early birthday present to myself a few weeks ago!)

Photo posted by Monica Stott (@thetravelhack) on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:03am PDT

Snapfish Personalised Calendar – £9.99

Perfect for: Budget shopping for families Choosing the 12 photos to put on your calendar can be the difficult part, but once you find them, they make a great gift!

Daily Greatness Journal – £34.95

Best for: Goal setters and motivation seekers

OK, this one isn’t travel specific, but I love it so much I had to include it on the list. This motivational diary is different from a traditional diary because it lets you set goals and make a plan to ensure you achieve them. It encourages you to take five minutes every morning and evening to think about what you really want to get out of that day and what you feel like you’ve done well. It sounds like a graduate workbook, but it’s actually a beautiful journal. Daily Greatness is also available for training and yoga.

@dailygreatness’s diary has arrived! It’s the most beautiful, inspirational, and creative daily planner I’ve ever owned. I was planning to save it until 2015, but I guess I can’t wait. The following is written on the back cover: “How you start your day determines how you spend it.” How we spend each day determines our future. So what could be more important than starting and ending each day with clear intentions? Positive focus and conscious reflection? Right now, in this moment, with your current thoughts, you are creating your future. What will happen? Success is the sum of small actions repeated every day. What we practice becomes what we embody, and what we embody becomes us. Awakening to the wonders of each day. Because your life matters. Photo posted by Monica Stott (@thetravelhack) on her Nov 11, 2014 at 2:05am PT

Artis Make-up Brushes – from £20

Perfect for: Girly travelers

Every girly girl loves makeup, and I fell in love with these Artis makeup brushes. Since you always carry cosmetics with you and they get scattered all over your bag, they tend to fall apart quickly. I get an explosion of glittery blush and it feels like my life is covered in glitter for months.

This brush is unusual because it has a different shape than the ones I usually use. It’s very soft, perfect for pasting, and has mirrored sides to better protect you from shocks and bumps during your travels. I have the Elite Mirror 3 brush set and I absolutely love it. It’s expensive at £60, but it makes a huge difference.

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

Inateck wireless speaker

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

– £89.99

Perfect for: Music lovers

There’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach, by the pool, or in your hotel room while listening to your favorite songs. Many people now travel with portable speakers, and gone are the days when you need to play music through a small speaker on your smartphone. This wireless Inateck Bluetooth speaker is perfect for travelers as it has a 10-hour battery life and a rugged design that can take a few knocks without damaging it. At less than 90 pounds, the sound quality is excellent, and the lightweight design means you’ll hardly notice it in your luggage.

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

Hot Air Balloon Ride – from £109

Perfect for: Clumsy people who have it all

And finally, we all know someone that money can’t afford to buy, so an “experience gift” is your best bet. Although there are many out there, a hot air balloon ride is a luxurious gift that will appeal to virtually anyone. Virgin Balloon Flights has over 100 locations to choose from across the UK, so you can easily access them no matter where you live. I think £109 is a bargain, but it’s still a pretty expensive present, so it might be the kind of gift that everyone works together to buy.

My Christmas Wish List and the Perfect Present for Travel Enthusiasts - The Travel Hack

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Let us know in the comments below, then discreetly forward this post to your loved ones!

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