My big, big news! – The Travel Hack

My big, big news! - travel hack

Before anyone gets excited and starts skimming this post for baby news, I’m not pregnant! That’s not big news to me!

If you’re an observant reader, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been pretty lazy with blogging lately. If anyone is wondering what’s going on, I assure you I was never lazy. It seems like I’m involved in a million different projects these days and have very little time for travel blogging. After my recent post about which blogging platform to use (Blogger or WordPress?), I finally decided to take the plunge and give WordPress a try. So the Total Travel Bug will soon be moving and getting a sexy new look.

But that’s not big news to me.

My big news is….I’m moving to London….tomorrow!!!!!!

It was a completely sudden decision and partially the result of a drunken conversation about following dreams and intuition.

My big, big news! - travel hack

I’ll keep you posted with news about our upcoming big move and even bigger plans I’m making while I’m there.

If you’re a blogger you’d like to meet, show me your site, or buy me a beer (I was cheeky and worth a try!), please get in touch!

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