Music Roads in Japan – Photo and Video

To surprise a tourist in today's world is quite a difficult task. However, countries such as Japan, the USA, Denmark, South Korea, the Netherlands, China managed to do this by building musical roads. 

And this is not the whole list of countries where people travel to the music (in the literal sense) ..

Music roads in Japan — photo and video

Music roads

What is this melody road, as it is also called? First, it is worth noting that it is almost indistinguishable from the usual. The only external difference that catches the eye are the painted musical symbols, which are shown below.

Music roads in Japan — photos and video

Music roads in Japan

Music roads in Japan — photos and videos

As for the asphalt pavement, transverse grooves are applied to it, the depth of which is 3-6 mm, and the width is from 8 to 24 mm. Thanks to this special coating, tactile and sound vibrations are transmitted through the noise of the wheels and the car body, with the help of which the driver hears a certain song.

Music roads in Japan — photo and video

Music roads pavement

Music roads in Japan — photo and video< /p>Music Road Cover

The first singing road appeared in 1995 in Denmark. It bears the name Asphaltophone. Already by 2013, similar musical highways were built in Japan, the USA, and South Korea. And then in other countries. The history of the creation of the singing highway in Japan is interesting, because it was built not for the project, but for a coincidence.

Once, while working on a bulldozer, Shinzuo Shinoda scratched the road surface. Then, on reflection, he suddenly realized that such musical songs can be played constantly. This will depend on the depth and distance between the grooves.

Music roads in Japan — photos and videos

Music roads, Japan

In 2007, using the idea of ​​Shinzuo Shinoda, the Hokkaido National Industrial Research Institute created three musical roads, each about 250 m long. One of the highways is located in Hokkaido, and the other two are located on the island of Honshu (Wakayama and Gunma prefectures). The principle of creating such roads is as follows: in order for the sound of the melody to be high, the grooves should be placed as close to each other as possible. 

Musical roads in Japan — photo and video

Musical asphalt

Music roads in Japan — photo and video

Thus, on the road to Wakayama, drivers can enjoy listening to the Japanese ballad “Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo”. And while driving along the road in Gunma Province, everyone can (literally) feel the tune of “Memories of Summer”.

Music roads in Japan — photo and video


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