MTS moved the Lena Pillars to virtual reality

MTS, a digital ecosystem, announces the launch of a VR tour of the Lena Pillars, a natural national park in Yakutia. For the first time, guests and residents of the region will be able to see in virtual reality the nature of the main tourist attraction of the Republic at the National Art Museum of Yakutia. The online tour has become part of the large-scale MTS program for the digitalization of the Place of Power: Lena Pillars natural park. 

The VR guide was created in 360-degree format: to show the scale of the object, the project was filmed from several angles: from water, air and land, and includes panoramic views and graphic elements to create the effect of presence. The tour covers more than a hundred kilometers and offers two routes: a river along the Lena River and a hike up the eco-trail of the national park, which opens up a panoramic view of the natural stone cliffs surrounded by the river.

The guide also digitizes in virtual reality format the Ust-Buotama bison nursery, the Tukulany sand dunes, the Deering-Yuryakh site of the ancient man. Also, on the way to the observation deck, you can hear the history of the formation of the Lena Pillars, see how nature grinds rocks, find out which animals, birds and plants are able to live in conditions of temperature fluctuations up to 80 degrees and meet the “Spirit of the Lena Pillars”.

< p> You can use a virtual guide using a VR helmet at the National Art Museum of Yakutia, another set will be donated to the Lena Pillars National Park. Also, the online tour is freely available on the YouTube channel.

“Today, digital technologies have become an effective tool to help develop the tourist attractiveness of the region, providing new opportunities for education and online learning. Natural Park “Lena Pillars” –  business card of Yakutia, a place of attraction for tourists from all over the country. Now people with disabilities will be able to virtually visit the park with the help of our guide – the VR-film will remotely acquaint everyone with the pristine beauty of Yakutia and its secrets,” says Prokopy Neustroev, Director of MTS in the Republic of Yakutia.

“Museums cease to be not only exhibition areas, but also become a multi-format digital space. We are glad that, thanks to the partnership with MTS, the multimedia exhibition-travel “Property of the Republic” was organically supplemented by a virtual VR tour. Especially for the museum, the project team introduced museum exhibits into the content, depicting the Lena rocks and the majestic Lena River. In a VR helmet, everyone will be able to see the beauties of the Lena Pillars and get a full sense of presence, which certainly expands the museum’s possibilities and gives new impressions to our visitors, including through art,” said Vlada Timofeeva, Director General of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).< /p>

The VR tour became the second stage of the implementation of the MTS project “Place of Power” in Yakutia. Previously, MTS launched a free digital audio guide for this route, which will allow tourists, if they have a smartphone, to qualitatively complement a walk in the world-famous eco-park. The free audio tour “Place of Power: Lena Pillars” is available to subscribers of any operator on the MTS Live  in the Digital content section.


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