Moroccan cuisine – what is definitely worth a try

It is not easy for tourists to enter Morocco – direct flights from Russia are often canceled, transfers in most European countries and Turkey are impossible, but the borders are open, so it is quite possible to try a mix of surfing, deserts and oriental flavor in one of the most European countries in Africa . To make the experience even brighter, save yourself a selection of must-tasting dishes, no matter when you try them: now or a little later.

National cuisine in Morocco is a real mix of sweet fruit and meat flavors. Everything is very spicy, fragrant and incredibly tasty. Our favorite traditional food:

1. Tajine

A Moroccan hit. This is a stew that  cooked for several hours over low heat in a special pot with a lid, which bears the same name as the dish itself. It consists of large pieces of lamb or chicken, as well as potatoes, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, spices and even quince. The mix of flavors is bombastic, and the price of a standard portion is low: about 50 MAD (1 MAD = 8.5 rubles).

A variation on the theme is mruzia. In its composition, most often lamb stewed with ginger and spices, to which plums, almonds and raisins were added. It has a sweet and spicy taste that pairs well with chickpeas, rice or lentils. A must for tasting.

 Cuisine of Morocco — definitely worth a try

2. Couscous

Another dish that Morocco is famous for. It is based on the groats of the same name, cooked in a special way in a small saucepan. This cereal is mixed with vegetables cooked together with meat. Most often, chicken or lamb is used, but sometimes the couscous is made vegetarian and the meat is replaced with chickpeas. The most popular version of couscous is called the “Seven Vegetables”: it includes carrots, turnips, pumpkins, onions, zucchini, tomatoes and sweet peppers. Instead of turnips, cabbage or potatoes can serve – it all depends on the place where you order it. Such magnificence also costs about 50 MAD.

 Cuisine of Morocco — what is definitely worth a try

3. Moroccan salad

It would seem that the usual vegetable mixture of tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, local olives and potatoes, but it is served everywhere and is terribly loved. You can try to make it even at home – however, it is not known whether you will achieve the same taste without local spices. In popularity, it overshadows even the more exotic shergi, which consists of radishes, greens and citrus fruits. Prices for salads are within 15-20 MAD.

 Cuisine of Morocco — what is definitely worth a try


4. Bistilla (pastilla)

A layered meat pie that used to use pigeon meat, but now, of course, more often chicken. Cooking it is difficult and laborious, but it turns out something very juicy and airy. There is a vegetarian option – with nuts, onions and parsley.

 Cuisine of Morocco — what is definitely worth a try


5. Harira

A soup that conquers from the first spoon: a little bit of lentils, lamb and tomatoes and a lot of spices, especially coriander. You can add chickpeas and vermicelli to taste. This soup is very cheap and can be eaten for only 10 MAD.

 Cuisine of Morocco — what is definitely worth a try


6. Ebaba

An unexpected dish, more interesting for lovers of sweet, than traditional soups. It is based on sweet jam or honey, bread and raisins boiled together.

Moroccan Cuisine — what is definitely worth a try


7. Rgaif

A local hybrid of pancakes and pies, inside of which there are various fillings: from meat and cheese to almonds and honey. Often served with salad or spicy pasta. Good option for street food in the bazaars.

Moroccan cuisine — must-try


8. Chebakia

Moroccan chak-chak: also fried dough, but folded in the shape of a rose and poured with honey, rose water and sesame seeds. Chebakia is a cool edible souvenir from Morocco.

Moroccan cuisine — must-try


9. Begrir

Lush pancakes with holes, made from semolina and without eggs, with yeast and baking powder. Also a good representative of street food or quite a full breakfast.

Moroccan Cuisine &mdash ; what is definitely worth a try


10. Kaab el Ghazal

Under such a tricky name, the phrase “gazelle horns” is hidden: this is the name of traditional bagels with marzipan or almond cream, often with the addition of nuts or honey. To enhance the effect of the sweet bomb, they are also sprinkled with powdered sugar. Be sure to try!

 Moroccan cuisine — what you should definitely try

All this should be washed down with mint tea with a lot of sugar or spiced coffee, which is often brewed with chili peppers. Muslims do not drink wine, but in tourist places you can find a good local red or rose.

Arranging a gastronomic holiday is easy: just explore tours in Morocco and choose the right one. Have a delicious trip!


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