More than 600 thousand tourists from Russia visited Thailand in 2023

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has shared statistics on inbound tourist flow for the period from January 1 to April 10, 2023.

< img title="More than 600 thousand tourists from Russia visited Thailand in 2023" src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/vnbsp2023-godu-tailand-posetili-bolee-600-tys-turistov-iznbsprf -c568fce.jpg" alt="More than 600,000 tourists from Russia visited Thailand in 2023" />

According to ATOR with a link to TAT , the top five countries in terms of incoming tourist flow to Thailand for the first three months and a little were distributed as follows:

  • Malaysia (976,262 tourists);
  • Russia (614,338);
  • China (612,041);
  • South Korea (469,750);
  • India (360,964).

In March, 178,925 tourists from Russia visited Thailand. This figure was lower than in February (184,858) and January (202,642).

For 10 days in April, 47,913 Russians visited Thailand – the third place in terms of inbound tourist flow among all countries. Russia was overtaken by China (94,799) and Malaysia (73,641).

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