Mold, fallen off plaster and prices that have grown terribly over the year: a review about moving to Georgia

Mold, peeling plaster and terribly high prices over the year: a review about moving to Georgia

Paul H “It's been a year since we've been living in Georgia. At first we lived in Tbilisi for several months, but then we decided to move closer to the sea (and the prices in Tbilisi are hoo!). A year ago, everything was great in Batumi! The same heaven on earth that bloggers write so much about: cheap housing, budget cafes and restaurants, delicious food, hospitable people, comfortable climate. But now everything is different, only the amazing khachapuri and the climate have remained the same. What frustrates me the most is, of course, the prices.” What has changed and what Batumi has become – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Anna.1/1

< h2>Moving

We planned the move for a long time, my husband has Georgian roots. He does not know the language, and there are almost no relatives left, but when the idea of ​​​​changing a place of residence came to mind, the first thing we saw ourselves in was Georgia.

It becomes difficult to live in Batumi, especially for those who do not have their own apartment.

Real estate prices are skyrocketing! Now, even if we sell our apartment in Moscow, we won't be able to buy anything decent here.

I am very sorry that I did not dare to do it right away. Even if you look at the famous Georgian “khachapuri index” (it's like the Big Mac index in the US), prices have increased by more than 30.5% this year!1/1

Pros and cons

But we really like it here and we will look for a way out. What are the benefits of living here? Of course, first of all, the sea and the climate. Very kind people, hospitable, sociable. And this is not even a national feature, this is the specificity of life in a small town. In Tbilisi, this is exactly what we lacked. You can save on vacation, because you don’t need to travel far for vacation: here the sea, mountains, skiing and excursions are all at hand. Another big plus is the kitchen. Although many emigrants no longer know how to find food without cilantro (by the way, it’s very simple, for example, khinkali without cilantro is hidden under the name mtiuluri), but I adore Georgian cuisine: spicy, fragrant, bright.

Taxi prices are still encouraging, about 100 RUB, wine prices have not increased much either. Well, medical services, for example, dentistry, although they have grown in price, but even now they cost 3 times cheaper than in the Russian Federation. By the way, the dentists here are pros, I checked the quality of services on myself, I advise.

There are also downsides. From everyday life, for example, there are a large number of stray dogs, there were cases of bites among acquaintances. I always try to carry a pepper spray with me. Still, no one here complies with traffic rules: road signs, it seems, are generally for beauty.

Another of the minuses is not only housing prices, but also its quality.

Mold and loose plaster are common, dead elevators (or their complete absence) and terrible entrances are almost 70% of all housing.1/1

About relationships with people

It is still very difficult to build relationships with apartment owners, we changed three apartments in Georgia and each time there were problems with this. No, the owners are kind, they are not trying to deceive you, although, of course, everyone wants more money. The main problem is to establish personal boundaries and explain that it is impossible to come to the apartment at any time if other people live there. Even to visit, even to check the meter, even if you want to take your things from the apartment – everything is only with the permission of the new tenants. They just don't understand it!

< p> I hope that the cons will not make you refuse to travel or move to Georgia. It seems to me that it is better to know and be prepared than to plunge into all the minuses immediately upon arrival. For me, even despite all the disadvantages, Batumi is a great city for living, I want to live here, and not just exist. Live, enjoy the moment, feel, watch. Even in summer, when a large number of tourists come to Batumi, it does not lose its charm, there is no rush and fuss. I look forward to summer to swim in the sea, especially since we have an advantage – we, as locals, know where the best beaches are. Come and I'll show :)

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