March Reading List: 5 books for your bookshelf this month – The Travel Hack

March reading list: 5 books on your bookshelf this month - The Travel Hack

I did something last week that I haven’t done in years.

I went to the library.

And it’s not just a pretty old library where you go to look at beautiful books with cracked leather covers and brown pages that smell like delicious old books.

No, I went to a proper modern library where real people go to pick up books. And since it’s the 21st century, you can rent a DVD, use a fancy Mac with Creative Suite, grab a cup of coffee and use WiFi, or.. if you’re me… You can also use it as morning entertainment. Our library had a castle-shaped tent and a box of broken crayons, so that was a winner.

While George and Joseph were busy in the castle, I had a chance to browse and speculate…I was reminded of how great it is to flip through books. When did I forget this? why?

Okay, I know why. It’s because I’ve been so distracted by blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other fancy apps on my phone that I’ve forgotten about a good old book. I know it’s ironic to type these words on a blog’s digital page, but part of me wants to scare you into going into a digital detox and never look at The Travel Hack again. I’m afraid (please don’t do that!) but a bigger part of my heart wants to share some of the great reads I found this month.

March reading list: 5 books on your bookshelf this month - The Travel Hack

The Guilty Wife – Elle Croft

I didn’t get this book from the library. I was truly honored to be sent an early copy of The Guilty Wife by Elle’s publisher. And I read this book last year.

Before I go any further, I’d like to say it again… “Publishers of Elle.” Elle has a publisher! Because she has a crazy book deal. How amazing is that!?

I’m so proud, happy, and in awe of Elle for her determination to write an entire novel. And for actually publishing it and doing so well! The Guilty Wife is in the top 10 of her Amazon Kindle bestseller chart, and this book is exactly what brought back my love of reading.

I hadn’t read a single book in a long time, but I was obviously going to read Elle’s book. I had forgotten that feeling of being so absorbed in a book that you can’t think of anything else. It’s like jumping headlong into another world, and when you’re reading, you can’t hear, see, or notice anything around you. Guilty Wife is the kind of book that makes you want to miss the train and go to bed early, so you can keep reading!

I’m not going to say anything about the plot because I’m really scared of accidentally giving away something (yes, that’s one of them!), so I’ll leave this link to Amazon so you can check it out please.

Read more: Interview with Elle Croft about what it’s like to publish a book

The Bikini Body Motivation and Habits Guide – Kayla Istines

I have a bit of a crush on Kayla Istines and love following her motivational Instagram feed, which is full of health and fitness inspiration. I have her app “Sweat” and use it from time to time, but the app is not as good as the giant book.

This book has a large section about changing habits to improve your health in the long run. Suppose you always avoid exercise because you’re “too tired.” You need to think about why you’re tired and what habits you can change to ensure you have the energy to exercise.

They also have a really great food section with a 31-day meal plan full of recipes for every meal and two snacks per day. Beautifully presented and perfect for those who find healthy food boring.

March reading list: 5 books on your bookshelf this month - The Travel Hack

The Solo Travel Handbook, Lonely Planet

This is also a book that was sent to me because I contributed a passage to it. Yes, I contributed to a Lonely Planet book!

I actually wrote this copy years ago and almost forgot I had written it until the book landed in my mailbox in late December. My first impression is that it is very beautifully rendered, with cute pictures throughout. It’s chock-full of useful information for solo travelers, and the way it’s all presented makes it super easy and fun to read.

As I continued reading, I came across a section called “10 Travel Hacks Every Solo Traveler Should Know” and thought, “Wow, I wrote that!” I wrote this!’

Sometimes, being incredibly forgetful and getting so busy with work that you forget what you’ve done can actually be a good thing.

This is a wonderful book that would make a perfect gift for someone who travels alone. But most of the tips also apply to people who travel, especially backpacking and long-term travel adventures.

Wales, Lonely Planet

It’s no secret how much I love Wales. Over the past few years I’ve mainly relied on Sam’s knowledge of North Wales for my little Welsh adventures, but now I’m going to start exploring further afield and see more of what this beautiful country has to offer . There’s no better place to start than the travel bible. March 1st is also St David’s Day, so there’s no better month to start planning your Welsh adventure.

This book provides an overview of the best things to do in each area. We’ll be seeing even more players from Wales this summer, so stay tuned!

March reading list: 5 books on your bookshelf this month - The Travel Hack

Hurrah for Gin, Katie Kirby

If new parents are to read one parenting book, this is the one to read. This is the most realistic book about being a parent and I loved it. It’s about all the things you feel guilty about as a parent, or the things you think you’re failing at, or the things you think others are doing better. It turns out that everyone feels the same way, and no one makes it as good as their Instagram feeds show!

A great read for expectant parents or anyone navigating the first few years of parenthood!

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