Luxury in the sky: Flying Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic – The Travel Hack

Luxury in the air: Fly like the upper class with Virgin Atlantic - Travel Hacks

I wish I had lived in a time when flying was fascinating and exciting. When people dressed up for their flights and flight attendants ran through the cabin with the stylish scent of expensive perfume. It was a fun and fascinating time that most people don’t get the chance to experience, which made it all the more appealing.

Virgin has gone all out to promote sexiness again with its ‘red-hot’ advertising. Seriously, check out the ad below. It’s very sexy (and will make you want to be a stewardess).

These days, flying is a hassle for most people. This is a fairly inexpensive way to travel long distances, and the excitement of flying has turned into tedium. I don’t hate flying because it means visiting new and exciting places. It’s also a great opportunity to turn off all your devices and spend a few hours doing nothing without feeling guilty. Enjoy a movie marathon, read a silly novel, have an epic candy crush session, or take an afternoon nap. There’s not enough space to do anything else, so you might as well relax.

But when I arrived at the gate at Gatwick for my flight to Barbados and was told I had been upgraded to upper class, I almost exploded with excitement. The luxury of flying is here…

The luxurious treatment began at Gatwick Airport’s Virgin lounge, the V Room. This bright, modern cafe offers great views of the runway and serves delicious breakfasts. It was nice to escape the frenetic crowds of the rest of the airport and relax before the flight.

Luxury in the air: Fly like the upper class with Virgin Atlantic - Travel Hacks

Once on the plane, I sat in a large, comfortable chair and observed the other passengers to see what upper-class etiquette was. There was a footrest, but I wasn’t sure if it was like putting your feet on someone else’s coffee table. I found it ok to sit comfortably, take off my flight socks, and use fluffy pillows and duvets to stay comfortable. Yes, it’s a duvet!

Champagne was poured while flight attendants helped people put their luggage into overhead lockers. There are no lockers in the middle of the plane, so it felt bright and airy, unlike the dark and slightly claustrophobic atmosphere in the back.

there was plenty of space on the plane, so I was able to stretch my legs and work. Surrounded by my laptop, notepad, iPad, and hundreds of scraps of paper, notes, and flyers I picked up on my travels, I spent the first few hours writing and editing photos. And I could do all this while my phone was charging and I had a proper cup of coffee in a real mug nearby. The Wi-Fi cost me £25 for about 3 hours of use, but given the amount of work I was doing it was well worth it.

For my first meal I ate:

Potter salmon with dill and capers served with warm bread


British beef fillet with sparse herbs


rich chocolate marquise

After this sumptuous meal, I snuggled into my duvet, drank another glass of Champer, and snuggled up to watch a movie with the noise-canceling headphones I was given.

Afternoon tea was served about an hour before we landed. Afternoon tea consisted of lovely little sandwiches, fairy cakes and warm scones with jam and clotted cream.

Luxury in the air: Fly like the upper class with Virgin Atlantic - Travel Hacks

Overall, Virgin Atlantic’s upper class tickets are the best way to travel. I had only flown business class before so this was something different. The only problem I have now is how do I get back to economy?

A huge thank you to Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays for providing this wonderful experience.

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