Lufthansa flight hit by severe turbulence, 7 people taken to hospital

Lufthansa flight hit by severe turbulence, 7 people taken to hospital


Airbus A330 of Lufthansa operated the Austin – Frankfurt and about the 90th minute of the flight got into strong clear-air turbulence. The height above the ground at that moment was 11 200 meters.

The plane completely suddenly “dived” first. 300 meters down, and then just as sharply “jumped”. The situation was aggravated by the fact that at the time of the onset of turbulence, the main food service was in full swing, and the signs “fasten your seat belts” were in full swing. were turned off.

Literally in seconds, all the food and drinks scattered around the cabin, various garbage, things and phones were scattered everywhere. Passengers who were not wearing their seatbelts were badly hurt.

Lufthansa Flight LG469 left Austin around 5:00 pm on Wednesday, but was forced to make an emergency landing at Dulles Airport in Washington, where first responders were already waiting plane. 

Eyewitnesses say that the flight attendant was literally thrown up to the ceiling when she stood in the aisle and served drinks. The force of the jolt was so strong that the stewardess was horizontal and fell to the floor.

The turbulence lasted for 20 seconds.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed that it was investigating the incident , but has so far provided no further details about the severity of the injuries to those on board.

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