Limassol in May: spring break in Cyprus

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus, the second largest city in the country, the most “Russian” resort, important port – all this is Limassol, located in the Mediterranean Gulf of Akrotiri. A city with a 4000-year history guarantees tourists a rich excursion program, and the local climate provides an ideal beach holiday.

Limassol can be called a suitable place for a family holiday. What is important, the resort is ready to receive guests all year round. What to expect from Limassol in May, what surprises are prepared by capricious spring weather, is the Mediterranean Sea warm at the end of spring? Kidpassage answers these and other questions.

Limassol in May: spring holidays in Cyprus

Vacation in Limassol in May: pros and cons

If even in winter in Limassol there is warm sunny weather, then what can we say about the end of spring! In May, the resort has excellent conditions for long walks around the city and sunbathing, so the reviews about holidays in Limassol in May are mostly positive. The main plusesof a May trip to a Cypriot resort are:

  • The weather. As already mentioned, spring pleases with high thermometer marks and the number of sunny days. Good weather – the main trump card of Limassol, for which tourists from all over the world come here.
  • Rest cost. Prices are not the lowest in the year, but in summer vacations become much more expensive. Come to Limassol in May – means to have time to “jump into the last car of an affordable vacation.”
  • Fruit paradise. In the spring in Cyprus, you can have different fresh fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Tourist infrastructure. Since April, the entire tourist infrastructure has been fully operational in Cyprus, since at the end of spring local resorts enter the phase of the active season.
  • The number of tourists. It cannot be said that Limassol is empty in May, but there are still significantly fewer vacationers here than there will be in a month.

The only moment that upsets some vacationers, &ndash ; it's a cool sea. In May, the Mediterranean Sea is not yet warmed up for swimming, the water invigorates and refreshes even adults, while kids are better off splashing in heated pools.

Weather in Limassol in May

Weather in Limassol in May – June is the best time to relax. Even the elderly, young children and tourists with cardiovascular diseases – in general, the category of people who are contraindicated in heat and high humidity, – will be quite comfortable in Limassol during this period of time.

The weather in early May is warm and sunny. In the evenings, there is a desire to put on a light jacket, especially while walking along the coast. During the day, tourists are happy to wear T-shirts and shorts and get a beautiful bronze tan without noticing. However, it should be borne in mind that it is unlikely that you will be able to swim in the sea in early May – the water is not too warm yet.

The average temperature in Limassol in mid-May allows tourists to both luxuriate in a sun lounger and take long walks around the city and its environs. You can walk around the resort all day, coming to the hotel room only for the night.

The weather in Limassol at the end of May remains as beautiful as it has been throughout the month. However, do not forget about the means of protection – creams with a high level of SPF, hats and light shirts. At first glance, it may seem that the Cypriot sun will not do any harm, but be careful – more than one tourist fell into this trap and got a sunburn.

The weather in Limassol in May is ideal for sightseeing holidays. Long daylight hours and high air temperature allow you to stay outdoors for a long time without the risk of shivering. But for those who are focused on a beach holiday, it is better to choose the summer months for a trip In May, the Mediterranean is just beginning to warm up for swimming.

Air and water temperatures

Mediterranean climate Limassol – this is excellent weather throughout the year, it is this type of climate that is considered the most suitable for living and recreation. The resort does not have a typical winter with snow and frost, the spring here is warm and sunny, and in summer the sun does not try to incinerate the city with its scorching rays, the heat is easily tolerated thanks to sea breezes and optimal humidity.

Air temperature in Limassol in May

The average day and night temperatures in the resort are +25.8 °C and +18.7 °C respectively. These are ideal indicators for outdoor walks. At the end of spring in Limassol, there is still no strong heat that drives tourists to air-conditioned rooms and does not allow them to enjoy the local beauties.

Water temperature in the sea

The beach season begins in Limassol at the end of May, but the first daredevils are already swimming with might and main in the Mediterranean Sea. Water, of course, cannot be called fresh milk, but its average temperature of +20.6 °C will allow even those who are not fond of winter swimming to plunge.

But for kids, the sea at the end of spring is still cool , it is better to choose a hotel option with heated pools so as not to deprive children of water procedures.


It makes no sense to take an umbrella with you, because only one rainy day is expected in Limassol for the whole month. Average rainfall – 25.1 mm. But sunscreen and glasses will definitely come in handy on vacation.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

The average number of sunny days in May is 94%, which is equivalent to 29 days. Cloudy days account for the remaining 6%, but tourists will not find cloudy weather at all. An additional bonus to good weather is the length of daylight hours (13.6-14.3 hours), which allows you to walk around the neighborhood for a long time and enjoy a beach holiday.

Beach holidays

Limassol in May: spring holidays in Cyprus

In May, a beach holiday in the Cypriot resort is only partially available: tourists can lie on sun loungers, enjoying the sea views and the barely audible roar of the waves, romantic walks along the promenade are also available. But swimming in the Mediterranean Sea is unlikely to succeed, except perhaps at the end of May. Water temperature +20 °C does not favor long water procedures.

However, cool water – there is no reason to avoid visiting local beaches at all. In addition, this even has its own plus – due to the impossibility of swimming on the beaches of Limassol, there are few people, crowds of tourists do not interfere with admiring the view of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is worth starting your acquaintance with the local coastal zone from the central beach “Dasoudi”. The length of the coastline is more than 1 km, even in season there is enough space for everyone. The highlight of the beach – The eucalyptus grove surrounding it, which not only gives a saving shade, but also saturates the air with an incredible aroma.

To the west of Limassol there is another popular beach, «Curium». This place is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Due to the peculiarities of the location on the “Kurium” there are often waves that surfers love so much. But for a family holiday, it is better to choose another beach, hidden from the winds.

Governor's Beach (Governor’s beach) is located between Limassol and Larnaca. It is worth coming here for those who appreciate non-trivial landscapes, – limestone cliffs combined with deep blue waters create a view worthy of the cover of any travel booklet. The rocks are equipped with stairs, which are convenient for both people with disabilities and mothers with strollers to go down.

All the beaches of Limassol have an excellent infrastructure. There are sun loungers and loungers, changing rooms and toilets. Many beaches have taverns and bars, sports and playgrounds.

Sightseeing tour in Limassol

Limassol in May: spring holidays in Cyprus

Tourists have no questions about what to do and what to see in Limassol: there are dozens of different leisure options. It is especially worth noting the historical and archaeological sites, which have accumulated a lot over the 4 thousand years of the city's existence.

In early May, the weather is conducive to long walks, so you can wander the streets all day or book open-air excursions. One of these must-see excursions is a trip to the ancient city of Kourion.

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Today from the city remains only ruins – in the 4th century Kourion was destroyed by a powerful earthquake, later it was partially rebuilt. Important: you should definitely book a guided tour, because without his explanation, tourists will see only a pile of stones and the ruins of an ancient city, and only the history of the guide can breathe life into them.

An experienced guide will show you a huge amphitheater, an ancient dwelling, a sanctuary of nymphs and other architectural antiquities.

Another important attraction of the resort is Limassol Castle, where the wedding of Richard the Lionheart took place . Today the castle is a museum of the Middle Ageswhere you can learn a lot of interesting things about the life of the ancient Cypriots. Cherry on the cake – an impressive panorama from the top of Limassol Castle. At the end of May, the days are so warm that even the sea winds that increase at the top of the castle do not cause much discomfort.

The list of significant architectural sights also includes the castle of Kolossi, temple of Apollo Khilatsky, the ancient city of Amathus. Connoisseurs of religious buildings should visit the convent of the XII century – Monastery of St. George Alamano.  

The main places for family holidays are the following locations:

  • Watermania
  • Zoo
  • Oasis

Holidays, events, festivals< /h2>

Vacationers will find holidays in Limassol in May. In the last month of spring, an unusually beautiful festival takes place all over Cyprus – – Anthestiria. This is a festival of flowers, during which a large number of flower fairs and exhibitions are organized in Limassol.

Moreover, the city even hosts a flower parade – Limassol residents compete to see who can decorate their car or flower platform more creatively. This is a unique event that definitely deserves your attention.

In May, Limassol also hosts a relatively new festival of informal culture and underground. Yogis and hippies, representatives of youth subcultures and freelance artists – whom you will not meet these days on the streets of the resort. The festival takes place in the old part of the city, no need to google geolocation, just go to the sounds of live music.

There are always a lot of Russian-speaking tourists at the resort. In addition, there is a fairly large Russian diaspora here, so such a holiday as Victory Day does not go unnoticed here. May 9 is celebrated on a grand scale in Limassol, the most significant events are held on the Molos embankment. During the day, entertainment shows and concerts are organized in the city, and in the evening you can see the procession of the immortal regiment.

39 km from Limassol is the village of Agros, where a large-scale rose festival takes place in May. In Agros, fields of Damascus rose are broken, the peak of flowering of which falls just at the end of spring. Guests of the festival will be able to visit the plants producing rose oil and even buy several bottles of this miracle remedy.

Prices for holidays in May

Limassol in May: spring break in Cyprus

Prices in Limassol in May cannot be called the lowest. As soon as warm sunny days come to Cyprus, the entire tourist infrastructure, as if by magic, begins to noticeably rise in price. In summer, the cost of holidays in Limassol reaches peak values, in the last month of spring, tourists still have the opportunity to save a little on vacation.

Price of tours

In April and May, the cost of tours remains almost unchanged (at the end of spring there is a rise in price by 1%). But with the advent of summer, tour operators raise prices by 28%.

Flight price

At the end of spring, air carriers raise prices for their services by 48% compared to the April cost. In the first month of summer, passengers pay another 13% more for flights.


In May, guests pay 17% more than in April. In June, prices for accommodation increase by another 4%. The average daily cost of living in April is 87 euros, in May – 103 euros, in June – 108 euros.

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Meals and transfers

Coming to Limassol and not trying traditional Cypriot cuisine – unforgivable mistake for a tourist. Local dishes are based on Greek and Turkish recipes. It is also a real paradise for fish lovers – where else to savor seafood, if not on a Mediterranean island?

For 2–7 euros you can have a hearty breakfast in a cafe, lunch will cost more, about 20 euros. For a dinner with wine in a restaurant, you will have to pay 50-70 euros. There is no shortage of street food in the resort, and fast food is inexpensive anywhere in the city.

  • Food in Limassol: what to try at the resort and how much food costs

Public transport in Limassol is represented by EMEL buses. The cost of one trip is 1.5 euros, but tourists can buy a pass for the whole day (5 euros), a week (20 euros) or even a month (50 euros) if they are lucky enough to stay in the resort for such a long time. On international buses you can get to Paphos, Nicosia and Larnaca.

There are also taxis in Limassol (3.5 euros for landing and 1 euro for each subsequent kilometer). Keep in mind that the cost of the trip increases at night. You can also rent a car here.

In May, a great way to spend time, as well as an option to get from point A to point B, is to rent bicycles. The May weather is the best for cycling. Along the way, the amazing landscapes of Limassol await you, and the fresh sea air will be an added bonus. Bicycle rental costs €2 for the first hour and €1 for each subsequent hour.

How to dress in Limassol

Despite the fact that it is quite warm in Limassol at the end of spring, it is better to put a few warm sweaters in a suitcase – you will need them for romantic evening walks along the embankment, as well as for sea voyages on a yacht. Otherwise, the resort in May is quite comfortable with a summer set of clothes: T-shirts, shorts, sundresses.

As for shoes, it is best to take a few pairs: flip flops for the beach, sandals for city walks and sneakers or another comfortable, sturdy shoes for long hikes.

Be sure to bring hats for all family members. Although the May sun is not yet too aggressive, it is still worth playing it safe and taking care of your health. It is unlikely that anyone wants to ruin their holiday with heat stroke.

Recommendations for families with children

Limassol in May: spring holidays in Cyprus

Still doubting whether it is worth going to Limassol with children at the end of spring? Cast aside all doubts and book tickets as soon as possible, because May – this is a great time for a family holiday in a Cypriot resort. Both kids and teenagers will improve their health at the seaside and get a lot of new experiences on local educational excursions.

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The only caveat: if you are focused on a beach holiday, then it is better to choose the last days of May for a trip, when the Mediterranean Sea warms up more or less. 

It is also worth noting that parents with babies it is worth deciding the issue of nutrition in advance: in local supermarkets there are hardly any cereals and mixtures that your baby is used to eating. It is better to take the necessary supplies from home.

If you are looking for a place for a serene, quiet holiday with children, with spacious beaches, comfortable hotels and warm weather, then Limassol fully meets these requirements. You can learn even more about this Cypriot resort from the Kid Passage article “Limassol: a family guide”. Good luck and bright travels!

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