Lily Cup Compact Review: A total game changer for your period – The Travel Hack

Lily Cup Compact Review: Completely Change Your Menstrual Cycle - Travel Hack

I know, I know. This is a little different than the blog posts you would normally find on The Travel Hack. We apologize in advance if the content is not of interest to you. If you’re not interested in menstrual cups or menstruation in general, I’ll be writing another travel-related blog tomorrow, so please come back!

Before I go any further, I should note that although I was sent a free Lily Cup, this post is not sponsored. As a blogger, I’ve been fortunate enough to be sent many products to test, but I’m under no obligation to feature them on my blog. So why did I decide to feature the Lily Cup Compact? Because it’s amazing, and if I can convince even one of you that you should try it, I’ll be happy! I’ll be a blogger!

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I’ve always hated periods. OK, I’m sure no one loves them completely. I’ve never had period pain, and I’ve never really suffered from PMT or menstrual cramps, so I have no real reason to hate them other than the inconvenience of not having them.

I had implants from the age of 20 to 26, so I never had a period. I had dark spots from the implants, but since I was traveling a lot at the time, I thought the dark spots were better than my period. Imagine camping on the banks of the Ganges in India, getting your period, or attending a full moon party in Thailand. Hmm, no. I then had her two babies close together and breastfed them both (most women don’t have periods while breastfeeding). So I think she had about 6 periods between the ages of 20 and 29.

After nine years, I had forgotten how horrible tampons and sanitary napkins were, and I thought there was no substitute. I think that’s the problem. Most of us don’t know of any alternatives, and every ad we see on TV is either Tampax or Always, so we feel like that’s all we have available.

I’ve been hearing a lot about menstrual cups lately, but to be honest, I thought menstrual cups were just for hippies. I couldn’t understand them and the only people I saw promoting them were real eco-warrior types. I think it’s great that more people are becoming environmentally conscious and that we’re all doing our best to reduce plastic waste, but I’m not going to fall into the eco-warrior camp just yet.

However, the Lily Cup arrived at my house in a stylish souvenir bag, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I watched a YouTube video on how to use it, but I was fully prepared for it to be one of those things that takes a while to get used to. I remember using tampons for the first time when I was a teenager, and it took me months to get the hang of it!

But to be honest, I never really “got used to” Lily Cup.

The first time I used the Lily Cup Compact, I was planning a work-from-home day. I didn’t want to go out in case it leaked or was uncomfortable. But it was one of those mornings where I just couldn’t get into work. I couldn’t think of anything even after sitting at my desk for an hour, so I gave up work without thinking and went to the gym. It wasn’t until I arrived that I remembered that I was wearing a lily cup and had a moment of panic, but then decided that since I was there now, I could just carry on.

Of course, everything was fine and I continued using it for the next 4 days without any problems. My main feeling after this initial testing period was, “I can’t believe I kept using those awful tampons and sanitary napkins for so long.” Ever since I’ve had this available!’

I couldn’t believe how easy it was. And also how comfortable it is. I wasn’t even really comfortable, couldn’t feel it at all. They are very convenient because you don’t have to change them as often as you do with tampons.

We recommend emptying and flushing the Lily Cup every 12 hours. It’s so comfortable that I literally forget I’m on my period.

The idea of ​​emptying the Lily Cup seemed a little gross, but honestly, it’s not that bad. My first concern was that you have to use the sink to clean after use, and if it’s a public toilet that doesn’t have a sink in your private room, you’ll have to go out into the common area to wash. However, when I looked up Lily Cup’s FAQ on Google, it says that it’s okay to occasionally wipe it with a tissue or wet wipes, or carry a bottle of water in your handbag and flush it in the toilet.

I think I was lucky that I was able to get the hang of it at the beginning. I read other reviews and watched YouTube videos of her saying it took a few tries before she got the hang of it. There were no leaks, so I didn’t feel the need to use a pad just in case’.

I think they’re especially great for traveling because you can wear them all day without having to find a clean restroom or find your usual tampon brand abroad. I have the Lily Cup Compact, which is even more perfect for travel because it’s collapsible and can be folded into a box as small as a compact blusher (if you’ve ever had a Mac blusher) , it’s very useful because it’s the same) (understatement). So you don’t have to carry around a bulky pack of sanitary towels. I remember meeting a girl in Asia who was so worried that she wouldn’t be able to find her usual brand of sanitary napkins that she packed a six-month supply in her backpack. That must have taken up so much space!

Lily Cup Compact Review: Completely Change Your Menstrual Cycle - Travel Hack

Pros and cons of the Lily Cup Compact


You save money

The Lily Cup Compact can last for years, saving you money in the long run. The current price is £25, so if it lasts for 3-4 years it’s a huge saving. According to this Huffington Post post, the average woman spends £13 a month on pads, liners and tampons. That seems like a lot to me, but whatever you spend will save you money in the long run.

It’s comfortable

As I wrote above, it was so comfortable that I couldn’t even feel it. Much better than pads or tampons!

No spills

I think I was lucky that I got the hang of it quickly and didn’t have a single leak.

Can be used for up to 12 hours

It’s much more convenient than tampons, which need to be changed every 4 hours.


It’s small and discreet, so it won’t take up much space in your luggage when you travel.

It lasts for years

So even if you’ve been backpacking for a few years, you won’t have to worry about anything new.

Less waste

It’s also less wasteful and better for the environment than using tampons or pads.

More discreet

I love that when I go out in public, I don’t have to sneak into the bathroom with my bag or slip a tampon into my pocket before entering the bathroom. My handbag also doubles as a baby bag since I’m usually with my kids and it looks a little weird to bring a big baby bag into the bathroom with me!

I’d be 100% comfortable wearing it while in a bikini

Now, this is the biggest highlight and probably the biggest advocate for the Lily Cup – I’m happy to wear this while wearing a bikini at the beach. I think this is easier to use than tampons. See, I said fine!


For some people it takes some getting used to

It didn’t work for me at all, but it might for some people

It’s a bit uncomfortable to remove it

It doesn’t hurt, just a little uncomfortable.

It can be messy

I’m not going to lie, taking out a tampon is more of a hassle than taking out a tampon. I’m sure you’ll get used to it quickly, but it’s a good idea to carry wet wipes with you to clean your hands when you go to a public restroom.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Lilycup. You can choose from three types of Lily Cups to suit your purpose and body type. Visit the Lily Cup site to learn more and find what’s right for you. You can also buy it on Amazon for £25.

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