Lazarev celebrates victory in a show at a Turkish resort

The singer left Russia with his children.

Lazarev celebrates victory in the show at the Turkish resort

Lazarev celebrates the victory in the show at the Turkish resort Turkish resort

Last weekend was very exciting and eventful for Sergey Lazarev. The singer became the winner in the final of the TV show “Mask”, and also attended Philip Kirkorov's birthday, after which, literally the next day, he went to the airport with his children.

However, soon Lazarev told subscribers where he is now : "I decided to spend the May holidays with the whole family in Turkey to recharge their energy batteries! 3 months of touring with concerts, the show «Mask» – and I understand that before the start of the next stage of the tour with the show “I'm not afraid”, which starts on May 10, you need to reboot a bit! We chose a stunning, brand new hotel in Kemer, Turkey for our vacation. I thought that it would be cool here in May, but the weather is absolutely comfortable! The children are already swimming, and I'm just enjoying the warm sun! But soon I will join them in the pool!"

Also, the artist shared with the followers the intricacies of preparing for the show "Mask". He said that from the very beginning he wanted to confuse the jury by playing a woman. The audience was amazed, and Lazarev himself took the main prize, which he later shared with Dima Bilan.

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