Larnaca in November: a warm farewell to summer

The sun shines on Cyprus 320 days a year, which gives the island excellent opportunities for tourism development. One of the popular Cypriot resorts is Larnaca – a major seaport and one of the island's most popular tourist destinations on the Mediterranean coast.

Despite the fact that the official tourist season in Larnaca lasts until mid-October, the city can safely be called a year-round resort, as vacationers come here in any season. Moreover, some people even see the special charm of a holiday in the off-season.

If your vacation fell in November, do not be upset – at this time in Cyprus it is still warm and sunny. And in the first half of the month, you can even jump into the last car of the outgoing beach season. You will learn more useful information about the November holidays in Larnaca from this Kid Passage article.

Larnaca in November: a warm farewell to summer

Holidays in Larnaca in November: pros and cons

Reviews of holidays in Larnaca in November are generally positive. And it’s hard to imagine what this Cypriot resort might not like. Even at the end of autumn, almost ideal conditions for recreation remain here. Main benefitsNovember travel to Cyprus are:

  • Weather conditions. November in Larnaca is warm and sunny, even in late autumn there is great weather for relaxing here.
  • Seasonal fruits. In autumn, tangerines, figs and other healthy fruits ripen in Cyprus.
  • The cost of rest. At the end of the tourist season, holiday prices become lower, which is a plus for vacationers' wallets.
  • Fewer people. If in the summer there is nowhere for an apple to fall at a popular resort, then in November there are half or even three times fewer vacationers.

As for the cons, Larnaca does not present unpleasant surprises for tourists. A minor drawback is the partial cessation of the tourist infrastructure – The peak season is behind us, so some entertainment locations and hotels are closed until spring.

In addition, rain is possible in Larnaca at the end of autumn. However, the local bad weather is of a short duration, and the Cypriot sun quickly dries up the puddles. Rubber boots and raincoats – absolutely superfluous things in your suitcase.

Intrusive mosquitoes can spoil the impressions of your vacation. At the end of autumn, the resort is warm enough, so the insects do not even think about stopping their attacks on the bare legs of tourists. Stock up on mosquito repellants, as well as insect bites.

The weather in Larnaca in November

Weather in Larnaca in November – December is warm but windy. The wind blows here almost the entire autumn-winter period, its breath is especially strong near the sea.

The weather in early November pleases vacationers with a number of clear days and temperature indicators. This is the best time of the month to come to the resort with children. In the first week of November, all types of recreation are available: from beach to sightseeing. A trip to Cyprus in the first half of November is attractive due to many factors, such as great weather or reduced holiday prices.

The temperature in Larnaca in mid-November is perfect for long walks and exploring the city. It may not be very comfortable on the beach during this period, but not because of the cold, but because of the increasing sea breeze.

The weather in Larnaca at the end of November is already considered non-beach, but there are still a lot of daredevils on the coast, ready to take a dip in the Mediterranean. At night, the mercury column can drop to +16 °C, so be sure to take warm clothes for sleep.

Air and water temperature

Larnaca has a Mediterranean climate, which is considered one of the best for relaxation and recovery. They say that it is thanks to the local climate that the life expectancy of Cypriots is on average 10 years longer than that of Europeans.

This type of climate is characterized by hot summers, warm winters and a short mild off-season. The seasons smoothly succeed each other, there is no sudden change in the weather.

Air temperature in Larnaca in November

November in Cyprus – this is a warm sunny month, and not at all a slushy dank time, as in the countries of our tourists. The average day and night temperatures in Larnaca are +22.4 °C and +18.3 °C respectively.

Water temperature in Larnaca in November

Water in the Mediterranean at the end of autumn can no longer be called fresh milk, but it is still warm enough for swimming. Moreover, even hardened kids can splash in shallow water. The average water temperature is +22.9 °C.


There is no so-called rainy season in Cyprus. On the contrary, local residents even argue whether those insignificant rainfalls will be enough to maintain the proper water level in reservoirs. On average, only one rainy day is predicted in Larnaca for the whole of November. During the last month of autumn, 21.9 mm of precipitation falls.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Autumn in Larnaca pleases vacationers with an abundance of sun. 22 days are sunny (73% of November), cloudy weather takes 20%, cloudy – 7%.

Beach break in Larnaca

Larnaca in November: a warm farewell to summer

< p>November cannot be called a full-fledged beach period, especially the last week of the month. The swimming season is over, and this can be seen from the small number of people on the beaches. Those who came to Larnaca in early November still manage to enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. But at the end of the month, a drop in temperature and piercing winds on the beach cause discomfort and make water procedures impossible.


The most famous beach of Larnaca – Finikoudes – has a distinctive feature: the coast is covered with gray volcanic sand. However, this did not prevent him from receiving the prestigious Blue Flag award. There is a gentle descent into the water, there are no stones at the bottom, so it is safe for small children.

The infrastructure is well developed on the beach, there are sunbeds, sun loungers, toilets, showers and changing cabins. There are many cafes on Finikoudes, there are bars and nightclubs nearby.


This is another famous beach of the city, which is also marked with the Blue Flag. The local sand is also gray, volcanic. The infrastructure of Mackenzie is developed at a high level, it has all the attributes necessary for a comfortable stay. In the high season, you can find a huge amount of entertainment here, but only a few of them are available in November.

The highlight of Mackenzie lies in its location – the beach is located near the airport, so vacationers can watch the takeoff and landing of aircraft.


This beach – great place for family vacation. It is rather sparsely populated here, a gentle descent into the water, a spacious sandy coast. A breakwater is also installed here, which makes the beach even safer. Faros (not to be confused with the Paphos beach of the same name) is located near Larnaca, on the island of Kiti. The local infrastructure is well developed, there are showers, toilets and changing rooms.

Make sure that your beach holiday is as safe as possible. So, first of all, tourists should be wary of jellyfish and sea urchins, from close acquaintance with which painful burns can remain. You should also not touch unfamiliar algae, as some of them are poisonous. For greater safety while swimming, wear aquashoes and do not rest on the “wild” beaches.

Sightseeing holidays in Larnaca

Larnaca in November: a warm farewell to summer

Larnaca can't boast of a variety of attractions, but this does not mean that you will be bored in a hotel room. There are few interesting places in the city, but still they are. 

In early November it is still warm enough to walk around the city, so you can go on a date with Larnaca. During a city walk, one cannot but pay attention to local religious buildings. So, the Stavrovouni Monastery is located on the top of the mountain, it is almost impossible not to notice this modest building under the red roof. A unique relic is stored in Stavrovouni – part of the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

  • Family entertainment in Larnaca

There are also Muslim shrines in Larnaca, one of the most significant is the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque. It is part of an architectural complex, which also includes a monastery, mausoleum, minarets and other buildings. Not only the mosque itself is remarkable, but also the picturesque nature around it.

At the end of November, you can go to Lake Aliki. In the hot season, the reservoir almost completely dries up, but the autumn rains replenish it again. The lake is located near Larnaca airport. According to legend, once a vineyard grew on this place, one day Lazar passed by him and asked the hostess to give him one bunch to quench his thirst. But the hostess was greedy and replied that there was no harvest, in the baskets – one salt. Her words turned into truth, and the beautiful vineyard turned into a salt marsh.

It is also worth visiting Aliki because it is in November that thousands of birds fly here for the winter, including even such unique representatives of birds as pink flamingos.

Tourists with children should pay attention to the following places:

  • camel park
  • herb garden
  • Emira Pottery
  • Larnaca Archaeological Museum
  • Golden Donkeys Farm

Holidays, events, festivals

Calendar holidays in Larnaca in November will not be missed by guests of the resort, but one-time events or even large-scale festivals may well fall during your vacation. Thus, tourists will be able to visit the Larnaca Amateurs Artistic Creation. The event takes place at the Larnaca Municipal Theatre.

November Vacation Prices

Larnaca in November: a warm farewell to summer

Prices in Larnaca in November – another plus in favor of the autumn holidays in Cyprus. The November price is not the lowest of the year, but if you compare it with the summer prices, the difference is quite significant.

Price of tours

The cost of tours in October, November and December remains almost unchanged. Package tours to Larnaca during the off-season are not very popular, so agencies do not set high prices.


November – the most profitable month of autumn for air passengers. In October, ticket prices are on average 15% higher than in November. In December, the cost of the flight increases by another 10–15%.

  • Hotels in Larnaca for families


At the end of autumn, tourists can save a lot on accommodation. In November, rental prices are significantly reduced, the reason for this – low demand.

Some Larnaca hotels are completely or partially closed before the official start of the tourist season. It is worth knowing in advance the nuances of the chosen hotel so that upon arrival you will not see the gates tightly closed.

Food and transfer

In Larnaca, as in any other resort town, there are a large number of catering establishments. Price tags in the menu depend on the level of the cafe and its location. So, in typical tourist restaurants overlooking the sea, lunch costs about 40-50 euros, while in places oriented to locals, a similar meal sometimes costs half as much.

Public transport in Larnaca is represented by city buses that run both day and night. In the daytime, the ticket price is approximately 1.5 euros. For 5 euros you can buy a daily ticket, for 20 euros – weekly. At night, the fare is slightly higher, about 2.5 euros.

How to dress in Larnaca

You will have to prepare a larger suitcase, as you will have to take both light and warm clothes with you. For daytime walks, guests of Larnaca will need summer clothes, and for evening walks – jeans and sweaters.

Here is a sample list of clothes that are relevant for the November holidays in Cyprus:

  • t-shirts;
  • breeches or light trousers;
  • jeans;
  • sweater;
  • windbreaker;
  • warm pajamas;
  • swimsuit;
  • sports shoes;
  • flip-flops and aquashoes for the beach;
  • sandals for city walks;
  • headwear.

The time of the month also plays an important role: those who arrive in the first days of November should focus on light things when collecting luggage, and if the vacation is planned for the last days of the month, then warmer clothes should be a priority.

Recommendations for families with children

Larnaca in November: a warm farewell to summer

Don't be confused by the fact that November is considered the low season in Cyprus. Autumn holidays in Larnaca have their own charms and will not leave anyone indifferent. The resort offers many options for family fun, the local climate has healing properties, the city's markets are full of delicious and healthy fruits, and the beaches, although no longer attractive for swimming, are still great places for long walks.

  • Holidays with children in Larnaca: Kidpassage guide

To get even more into the atmosphere of a sunny island, Kidpassage recommends reading the article “9 interesting facts about Cyprus”; . This is an amazing place on our planet, and everyone should visit it at least once in their life. And why not do it in November?

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