Landmarks of Iceland: Top 20 (PHOTO)

Attractions Iceland: Top 20 (PHOTO)

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The national sights of Iceland are so numerous and diverse that they make traveling here an informative and interesting adventure. If you also decide to organize a visit to this hospitable country, you should find out what to see in Iceland in advance. Otherwise, you may lose sight of the unique cultural monuments and unique objects of art.

What to see first in Iceland?

Let's talk about what sights of Iceland should be seen first of all. After studying the recommendations of experienced guides and reviews of experienced travelers, you can make the following rating:

1. Husavik

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTO)

Husavik – a town in the northern part of Iceland

Interesting places in Iceland begin with this small town, rich in museums, natural beauties and temples. You can pay a visit to the Ethnographic and City Museums, the Museum of Whales and the old wooden church – a symbol of the faith of the indigenous people of the country. Adult tourists are invited to visit the phallus museum. Here is an exhibition of the preserved genitals of various animals of the world.

Once in Husavik, you will see the best sights of Iceland, surrounded by lakes and waterfalls. Be sure to take a dip in the geothermal pools, whose healing waters cure many diseases.

2. Gullfoss Waterfall

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTO)

Gullfoss waterfall in the southern part of Iceland

Excursions in Iceland rarely do without a visit to the country's largest, full-flowing and beautiful “golden” waterfall. Two steps with a height of 11 meters and 21 meters, and a depth of water fall of up to 70 meters have made this attraction one of the most visited and loved by tourists. Arriving here, you can take unique photos. The location of the object is no less interesting – the glacial river Khvitau. You can get there both by a sightseeing bus and by a private car – along a good asphalt road (near the waterfall there is not only a cafe, but also free parking for cars).

3. Thingvellir National Park

Top 20 attractions in Iceland (PHOTOS)

Panorama of Thingvellir National Park

If you don't know what to visit in Iceland in the first place, come see the famous canyons, valleys and lakes (including Lake Thingvallavatn) of the National Park. The natural object, indented by volcanic faults, is included in the UNESCO Heritage List. No review can convey the beauty of these places.

It is home to the world-famous Lake of Desires and Penny Canyon. If you have a cherished desire, just throw a coin into the lake. If it reaches the bottom, your dream will surely come true.

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4. Hallgrimskirkja

Sights of Iceland: Top 20 (PHOTOS)

Hallgrimskirkja – the main church of Iceland

The main attractions of Iceland are not only natural, but also historical. Such as the masterpiece of Art Nouveau architecture, the Lutheran Cathedral of Hallgrimskirkja. The huge height of the building allows you to see it from anywhere in the city of Reykjavik.

But do not limit yourself to a superficial look – visit the sanctuary in person, and enjoy the impressive appearance of the church from the inside. The interior of the building is decorated with a traditional nave and huge Gothic windows. If you're lucky, you may be able to purchase tickets for theocratic performances, poetry readings, concerts, and other social events held here in addition to Lutheran rites.

Official website: http://en.

5. Dettifoss waterfall

Top 20 attractions in Iceland (PHOTOS)

View of the Dettifoss waterfall

Your trip to the country will not be successful if you do not see the most powerful and “bubbling” waterfall in Europe when you are sightseeing in Iceland. The natural monument is located in the Jokulsaurglyuvur National Park. R. Scott's sci-fi film Prometheus was filmed here. According to the legend of the painting, the waterfall became the place of “the birth of life itself”.

Feel the atmosphere of Iceland in this beautiful video!

6. Cape Dirholaey

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTOS)

Cape Dirholaey

The description of the cape says that it is here that you can see the pride of the Icelanders – the puffin bird sanctuary. No less interesting are the original arches and turrets shaped by the ocean and the wind, as well as the Black Volcanic Beach of Reynisfjara.

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7. Blue Lagoon

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTO)

Blue Lagoon – a unique thermal pool

This name is given to various attractions in Iceland – and a popular geothermal resort that every tourist in the country has heard of. And a mineral-rich man-made lake, called a miracle of nature.

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8. Northern Lights


Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTO)

Northern Lights – a beautiful natural phenomenon

For a mesmerizing spectacle and an incredible cosmic phenomenon, you should choose hotels in Iceland located near Hlåmskalagardur Park, Perlan's House or Grotta Lighthouse. In addition, guides in Iceland can offer you a private trip, jeep or bus tour in pursuit of the Aurora Borealis.

9. Great Geysir

Top 20 sights in Iceland (PHOTO)< /p> Great Geysir

Don't know where to go in Iceland? Head towards Lugerfalla Hill and Hekla Volcano. In addition to these unique places, you will be able to see the very first and largest geyser of the Golden Ring.

10. Askja

Top 20 sights in Iceland (PHOTOS)

Escuvatn lakes (on the left) ) and Viti (foreground) in the Askja volcano caldera

If you are interested, first of all, in the mysterious sights of Iceland, visit the center of the island, and your eyes will open a geological phenomenon – Askja Volcano. Locals say that scientists go missing here. Your path will lie among no less interesting endless lava fields.

11. The colored mountains of Landmannaløygar

Top 20 attractions in Iceland (PHOTO)

Colorful rocks of Landmannaløygar National Park

Incredible landscapes and a unique riot of colors – all this is the colorful Landmannalaugar valley. Boiling and steaming puddles side by side with amazingly beautiful multi-colored mountains – the valley takes pride of place in the list of “the most beautiful and colorful natural attractions in Iceland.”

12. Skaftafell National Park

Iceland Attractions: Top 20 (PHOTO) )

Waterfall in Skaftafell National Park

Tourists love this park due to the favorable local climate. If you are tired of bad weather while sightseeing in Iceland, come here. In the park, whose mountains are lost in the clouds, there is the famous Black Falls and a delightful birch forest.

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13. Jokulsarlon Lagoon

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTO)

Glacier lagoon in Iceland

The largest glacial lagoon in the country, which is the hallmark of the island. If you don't know what to see in Iceland in 1 day, come here. Unique northern landscapes, glacial lakes, ice and icebergs await you.

14. Westfjord

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTOS)

The picturesque landscape of Vestfirdir

A region that will allow you to get to know the national traditions and culture of the Icelanders. In recent years, local residents have been actively developing the tourism sector: you will not be left without amenities and new experiences.

15. Skogafoss Waterfall

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTO)

Skogafoss waterfall against the background of green rocks

We end our conversation about Iceland's must-see sights with a mention of the island's most visited waterfall. As you know, on sunny days in the country you can see not an ordinary, but a double rainbow. So it is possible to contemplate it here. Skogafoss is interesting in any weather: unusual phenomena are generated by its water dust and spray.

Sights of Iceland: what else to visit in Iceland?

Now you know what to see in Iceland is a must. If you have free time, spend it on a visit to other, slightly less famous monuments of nature, architecture and history.

16. Laki Volcano

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTOS)

Laki Volcano in Skaftafell National Park

We recommend you Iceland's sights such as Laki Volcano. He is often called a “bloodthirsty villain”, because. he has claimed more than 10 thousand human lives.

17. Perlan

Top 20 sights in Iceland (PHOTOS)

Perlan – thermal boiler house floheinstein

If you want to take a break from exploring natural monuments, visit the Perlan city boiler house. This is a majestic building with a domed roof, its own winter garden and observation tower, and even shops. Location – Oskyulid hill.

Official website:

18. Laugavegur

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTOS)

Fascinating landscape of Laugavegur

Laugavegur is a famous hiking route, with the highest point on the way more than 1 thousand meters. During the walk, lasting 2-4 days, you can see such sights of Iceland as the Thorsmork glacial valley, the Icelandic plateau and the country's National Reserve.

19. Harpa Blue Hour Concert Hall

Iceland Attractions: Top -20 (PHOTOS)

Harpa Concert Hall – a masterpiece of modern architecture by Marco Nürnberger

Or head to Harpa Blue Hour. The main feature of the five-story building is the architectural design of 4 concert halls at once. Solemn events, performances of symphonic and ethnic music performers are held here.

Official website:

20. Surtsey

Top 20 attractions in Iceland (PHOTOS)

Surtsey Island CanonS2 < p> The young island of Surtsey completes our list of things to visit in Iceland. In addition, it is listed as a World Natural Heritage Site. The unique feature of the island is that it is a volcano. Unfortunately, this object is closed for tourists today.

Summing up

Arriving on the island, you can give yourself a meeting with natural resources, cultural monuments and architectural masterpieces. In order not to miss it all, hire a qualified guide or plan your travel itinerary in advance.

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