Knives, potatoes, Cossack robbers: 10 cool yard games that everyone forgot about

Knives, potatoes, Cossack robbers: 10 cool yard games that everyone forgot about

In adult life, full of work and worries, sometimes there is a lack of childlike lightness, carelessness and the ability to sincerely enjoy nonsense. You used to get a deuce in math, go out after school to your friends' yard, and all your sorrows will be blown away like the wind. We offer you to go on a journey into the past and remember the best backyard games, and at the same time look for a couple of cool ideas for the next party or corporate event.

1. Knives

There was a time – every kid without fail had a penknife, inherited or associated with a special history – faceless new ones were not quoted. The game of “knives” had several variations: for example, in the “lands” on the sand they drew a circle, divided it into sectors and threw the knife with the blade down on other people's plots, gradually conquering them. There were also “benches”, “grandparents”, “boats” – and whatever the yard, then its own rules and nuances. But in general, edged weapons are not a toy for children: according to historical chronicles, the son of Ivan the Terrible, Tsarevich Dmitry, died precisely while playing “knives”, before he was 10 years old. True, not all historians consider this evidence to be true.

2. Potato

She is also a “hot potato” and “doggy”. Everyone stands in a circle and throws a ball to each other, but you can’t catch it, because the potato burns. If you can’t hit it, you squat down in the center of the circle, that is, in the “cauldron”, and try to catch the ball flying by in order to free yourself. Any player can get out of the “cauldron” with an aimed throw, but if he misses, he joins the captives. Greedy Beef: Finish the saying and we'll find out where you're from.

3. Cossack robbers

This fun gained popularity even before the revolution, when the Cossacks protected civilians from villains, and children, as usual, imitated the heroes. To begin with, the “robbers” come up with a password (and several fake versions for reliability) and quickly hide, leaving clues to their opponents. The “Cossacks” do not peep, they equip the headquarters, and a little later they go in search. Whoever gets caught will not do well: tickling, nettles, cuffs are used – everything to find out the secret word. If the real password is guessed, victory is for the “Cossacks”, if they make a mistake or miss the prisoner – for the “robbers”.

4. Traffic light

The host stands with his back to the players and names any color, and they look for it on their own clothes, shoes and things at hand. Having found it, they touch it and run across to the opposite side of the site, and not having found it, they also run across, trying to deceive the leader. He, in turn, must uncover the deception and capture the rogue in seconds.

5. Bouncers

“Dodgers” stand opposite each other and try to knock down the opponents lined up in the middle with the ball. “Targets” will either have to dodge or catch the “candle” in order to take a bonus – an extra life or the opportunity to return one of the retired. The trickster who survived to the end must dodge the ball exactly as many times as he is old.

6. The sea is worried

Who does not remember the cherished words about the sea that is agitated in three counts and the marine figure that is obliged to freeze? By the way, the figure, by the way, can be earthly, airy, or whatever, and then events develop differently: the author of the frozen image, guessed by the leader most quickly, can win (sometimes he also “turns on” the characters, forcing them to move), or the one who who will stand still longer, or the one whose figure will appeal to all participants. It will be interesting! Advanced quiz: 11 new words you might not know the meaning of.

7. Ring

The players sit in a row and fold their hands in a “boat”, and the leader goes around everyone in turn and pretends to pass a ring or other small object, so who really ends up with it is a mystery. Then he steps back with the words “Ring-ring, go out onto the porch,” and the owner of the treasure must rush headlong to him, and the rest should have time to hold him.

8. Sajo (subject)

That's where the fantasy could roam! Participants came up with entire biographies, from the name and profession to their favorite dish. The host asks questions (“what is your name?”, “what city are you from?”) and throws the ball, listing the answer options: the wrong ones need to be beaten off, and the right ones should be caught. The main thing for the player is to have time to catch the ball on the word “sajo”, otherwise the previous option will be counted, and the poor fellow will be Quasimodo from the village of Mymrino.

9. Rubber bands

Favorite girly (in fact, not only girly) entertainment: we find a sufficiently long elastic band (it is optimal to pull it out of grandfather's old pants), stretch it (if there are less than three participants, it is fixed between trees or chairs) and jump, performing various combinations. The number of levels is unlimited: the rubber band rises higher and higher, the movements become more difficult, the speed increases, and if you make a mistake or catch the rubber band, the move is lost.

10. Sif

But you can't lure girls into this game, because the main tool in it is a dirty rag. It is she who needs to be suddenly thrown at someone standing nearby, and he will have to pass the baton further, and as quickly as possible in order to avoid the risk of forever remaining a “skunk”. Forever, I mean until the next change.

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