Jupiter by Spacetouch Review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? – The Travel Hack

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

What would you say if I told you there was a device that could make your skin look and feel younger? Does your skin look visibly fresher and feel super soft?

I think half of you will probably bite my hand off and ask me what it is. The other half, on the other hand, will be skeptical and suggest that no such device exists.

Well, I’m here today to tell you that it actually exists. I’m sitting next to it now. And I’m extremely grateful to have this little device in my hands, as it could be an absolute game changer.

The device I’m talking about is Spacetouch’s Jupiter.

But it comes at a cost.

This device retails for $7,200 USD!

This is a price that once again divides the crowd. It costs a lot of money, but if it works, isn’t it money well spent? If you regularly get LED facials at a hair salon, this device can definitely replace those sessions.

This is my honest review of Spacetouch’s Jupiter anti-aging device. I received this product as a gift in return for my honest review.

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

What is the Jupiter anti-ageing device from Spacetouch?

Jupiter combines red light therapy and blue light therapy into one device. This is a portable home device that is applied to her face and neck once a week to improve the appearance of her skin.

Jupiter’s device provides a non-invasive treatment that is pain-free, chemical-free, and does not cause allergic reactions.

One of the main advantages of the Jupiter device over other home anti-aging devices is that it can provide both red and blue light therapy. Many devices offer only one or the other.

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is a treatment that may help skin heal. It was originally used by scientists to grow plants in space in the 1990s. When scientists realized that red light therapy promoted plant growth, research began to see if this could be applied to humans as well.

There is now a lot of evidence proving that it is a promising treatment and can help reduce cosmetic skin problems such as fine lines and scars.

This treatment is still controversial, and a little research online reveals mixed results from clinical trials.

Jupiter’s red light is said to penetrate deeper into the skin than previous creams, promoting the production of cells, collagen, and fibers.

In red mode, the surface of Jupiter heats up to 40 degrees Celsius as you glide smoothly over your face. This heat also improves blood flow to the face, making the combination of light and heat even more effective.

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

What is blue light therapy?

Blue light therapy is often used to treat acne by killing acne-causing bacteria. It has also been linked to the treatment of skin cancer and the treatment of sun damage.

In Blue mode, Jupiter’s surface cools down to 7 degrees Celsius, tightening pores and making your skin look younger.

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

How do you use the Jupiter anti-ageing device?

First, use Blue mode on your device.

Press the button for 2 seconds to turn it on. It automatically goes into red mode (I don’t understand why it starts in red when it’s recommended to start in blue mode) and when I press the button again it goes into blue mode.

The surface of the device immediately lights up blue and the device makes a quiet whistling sound as it cools down to 7 degrees Celsius. Place the cold device on your skin and move it across your face for a few minutes.

Then press the button again to enter red mode. The light will turn red and the surface will instantly heat up to 40 degrees. Then repeat this process and move it all over your face and neck.

We recommend using it three times a week for the first month and once a week thereafter.

Whether it works or not, I’m the first to say with all my heart that it feels divine! Who would have thought that using a warm device after a cold one could feel so good?

The blue feature is refreshing, calming and relaxing, while the red feature is warm, delicious and extremely relaxing.

Jupiter requires you to close your eyes (not that you have to), take deep breaths and physically relax. It’s so soothing that it instantly makes you feel calm and happy.

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

My experience with the Jupiter from Spacetouch

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical about this device.

I have tried many skin care products and devices, creams, serums, lotions, potions, massages, facials, etc. Honestly, the only thing that really makes a difference to my skin is gently cleansing, always moisturizing, drinking lots of water, exercising, and eating healthy.

I started accepting the fact that living a healthy lifestyle is actually the secret to great skin.

But a part of me is always intrigued by anti-aging skin care devices. Because what if there was a device that really made a difference?

This could be here!

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

Unboxing the Jupiter from Spacetouch

I’ll be honest: I was a little underwhelmed when Spacetouch’s Jupiter arrived.

The packaging wasn’t as premium-looking as I expected, and the device felt a little cheap and light. It looks like plastic and doesn’t feel like a $7,000 product. It also didn’t come with actual instructions, so I ended up searching YouTube for video reviews. I feel that the lack of clear instructions is a major flaw, as I was worried about whether it could harm my skin if used incorrectly.

There were also some typos in the writing on the box, which felt unprofessional and made me skeptical of the brand.

My Jupiter device also came with a US plug and instructions not to use any other plug as it could damage the device. So it was a bit of a hassle because I couldn’t use it right away.

After a long wait for it to arrive, I had to order an international plug adapter for use at home. (I’m a travel blogger so I’m sure I have a lot of plug adapters, but I seem to leave my best ones in hotels and have them scattered all over the world!)

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

My first use of the Jupiter by Spacetouch

Well, I finally got my Jupiter device charged and ready for use.

This device has a docking station and fits snugly into it. The blue light will glow while charging. The battery life is not very long, so you will need to charge it every time you use it.

I didn’t have high expectations for it the first time I used it, so I started using it when I was in the kitchen with Sam and the kids. It was a typical chaotic Saturday morning, and I was making sticky, jammy toast for Alba.

But I quickly realized that this device felt heavenly and instantly relaxed while using it, so I snuck upstairs to do this properly.

I used it in blue mode for about 1 minute and in red mode for about 1 minute, and it felt great on my skin. It felt fresh, soft, plump, and full of energy.

I was really shocked as I didn’t expect to see any immediate results, but my skin definitely improved.

I continued to use it sporadically over the next 6 weeks, but I haven’t used it in over 6 weeks, so I plan to come back and update this post in a few months.

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

Growing old gracefully

I strongly believe in aging gracefully, but I think it’s a fine line to get the “graceful” part right and it’s different for each person.

I don’t want to throw in the towel and say, “I’m old and I’m giving up.” But I also don’t want to go to extremes and try to look the same as I did when I was 21.

I think there is a misconception that people want to look younger. I don’t want to look like a 21 year old. My girlfriend is 34 years old and has some fine lines and gray hair, but that’s okay!

I want to get rid of fine wrinkles and gray hair!

As you get older, you develop a great sense of self-confidence that allows you to feel beautiful without having to rely on other people’s approval. This is one of her best feelings and makes growing older feel like a privilege.

As I get older, I feel like I become less inclined to look and dress a certain way.

I don’t feel the need to put on make-up to leave the house, and I’m perfectly happy wearing a pair of comfy old jeans and a cozy jumper.

I know it’s much better to look happy than to look ‘perfect’.

But I take much better care of my body, skin, and hair than I did 10 years ago.

In my 20s, I hardly exercised, ate too much junk food, drank too much alcohol, my hair was bleached, and I didn’t remove my makeup before bed.

But that’s okay because I was mostly fine in my 20s.

Now I’m in my 30s…not that much.

If you’re dehydrated or haven’t slept well, it will show on your face. If you don’t eat healthy, you’ll gain weight quickly, and if you don’t stay hydrated, you’ll feel tired and light-headed.

I always remember a conversation I had at work when I was about 20 years old. While I was in college, I worked at a cafe and would start my shift at 7am. I usually get a really bad hangover after about 4-5 hours of sleep (I still don’t know how I managed to get away with it so well!). One morning, one of my colleagues came up to me and stared at me my face. Yes, it was uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you look hungover?” she asked.

I didn’t understand what she was saying at that time. She was in her 30s, about the same age I am now, and she said that when she drank too much, her skin looked like it had a hangover.

Now you know exactly what she meant!

Being tired and dehydrated can make you look 10 years older!

I’m not saying this is bad. It’s just that. That’s something we need to recognize and be okay with. And if you want to look fresh, you need to understand that you need to put in a little more effort than you did when you were 20!

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

Does the Jupiter anti-aging device work?

Yes, that’s the question you’re all waiting for the answer to.

Does this home anti-aging device actually work?

Is it worth the hefty price tag?

You might look 10 years younger!?


Yes, I think it’s effective.

Does it work better than other options?

Could you use a nice cleanser and then wash with lukewarm water and a warm flannel, followed by ice-cold water? Hmm, maybe.

My skin definitely looks fresher, brighter and feels firmer and softer.

Do others notice that my skin looks younger? Probably not. Sam (my fiancé) recently told me that my skin is very clear, but does anyone else notice? Has my skin really improved or is it just because I got a little color on my cheeks from being in the sun?

Will my life change? Probably not.

But will I enjoy it and continue using it? Yes, 100%

I’ll update this article in a few months, after I’ve used the device a little longer. I would like to answer the question of whether others notice a difference in my skin. If others can visibly notice the difference, it might be worth paying the hefty price!?

Jupiter by Spacetouch review: Does this $7,200 anti-aging device work? - Travel Hacks

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