Jokes of crazy geniuses: 7 “stupid” places generated by the imagination of architects and sculptors

When creativity has no boundaries, the results can be crazy. Or genius. The difference is not always noticeable

“Around the World” tells about unusual buildings and sculptures in Europe, America and Asia, which did not immediately receive recognition.

Upside down

Poland, Szymbark

Jokes of crazy geniuses: 7

There is a lot of goodness inside the Upside Down House: furniture (hanging from the ceiling), lamps (sticking out of the floor) and other things useful in the household. According to engineer Daniel Czapiewski, who created the object in 2007, Dom do Góry Nogamisymbolizes the era of communism, which turned upside down both traditions and the value system. With a weak vestibular apparatus or after a hearty dinner, it is better not to meddle inside – it will overwhelm you. For delicate natures, the Center for Education and Popularization of the Region in Szymbark has many other interesting things.

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