It’s no longer the Council of Deputies, but not yet Europe, and the prices are frightening: a review of the sanatorium in the KMV

No longer Sovdepiya, but not yet Europe, and the prices are frightening: a review of the sanatorium in the KMV, Mikhail Pogosov Subtleties reader Anna Nemirova tries to combine rest and treatment at least once a year. Previously, she and her husband flew to Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Serbia for treatment. Now, as the tourist says, problems with visas and flight prices make us look closely at domestic resorts and sanatoriums. “The first thing that struck me was the prices. Tours with a flight cost the same as a vacation in a KMV sanatorium + train tickets. Our sanatoriums are not used to somehow fighting for a client, improving the quality of service, and so there are queues for them. It is almost impossible to buy a tour in a month or two, and the prices for the next dates are frightening, ”Anna shares. 1/1

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I managed to book a tour for 14 days to the Tarkhany sanatorium in Pyatigorsk

The cost of living with treatment is 164 thousand for two. Everything is included: 4 meals a day, swimming pool, gym, drinking water without restrictions. We took the program, I quote, “treatment of diseases of the organs of movement.” Look, they treat organs of movement! Tickets separately: air flight – 8200 rubles. per person in both directions, taxi from the airport to the resort – 100 rubles.

We spent about 40 thousand on excursions and other little things in two weeks. Expensive pleasure!

There were pluses and minuses

Most of all, the service and food are lame: it is no longer the Sovdepiya, but not yet Europe. The food is very sanatorium, no choice, I was ready to sob over steam cutlets with beetroot garnish. Very lacking minimal spices or seasonings, olive oil. Is it possible to cook healthy food deliciously?

There is still a lack of courtesy, attention, customer focus, system flexibility. There is no way to reschedule or change the schedule of procedures, to add something, but to refuse something. You arrive, and there is a feeling that you are a schoolboy in a pioneer camp or a person undergoing compulsory treatment.

I was really afraid to be late for the procedure, because Olga Mikhailovna would kill me! :)


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Another fat minus is that smoking is allowed on the balcony

I don’t understand people who come for treatment and smoke on the balcony 10 times a day, poisoning themselves and their neighbors on the balcony. To a polite request to smoke on the street in a specially designated place, our neighbor simply said that he had the right to do so and who we were to forbid him.

And the last remark – audibility in the rooms. It seems to me that I hear my neighbors from all sides, I even began to distinguish them by their voices. Well, there is a plus here: I am always aware of some kind of entertainment program, in the morning I hear how the neighbors plan their day :)

Now about the good

Sanatorium beautiful, well-groomed. Very convenient location. The source and the Lermontov Museum are right across the road. Flower Garden Park – 5 minutes down the slope, and Emmanuel Park 10 minutes walk, but uphill, although it is convenient to return back.

I was very pleased with the number of procedures: they were not greedy, the program is very rich. We were taken to springs and mud several times (included in the program). A general blood test was taken as many as 7 times in 2 weeks!

Massages, traction, walking program, meals – everything is on schedule. Here I can say a big plus for domestic programs, treatment in European clinics is not so intensive, and they don’t take so many tests. 1/1

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Impressions of vacation for 3+

If you lower the price tag from heaven to earth and change the attitude towards vacationers, then sanatorium treatment in our country would be the best! Well, a lot has been said about the sights of this region. Excellent programs and excursions, inexpensive and well organized, there is where to walk on your own, the museums are all in order, the parks are beautiful everywhere, there are signs and information brochures. Tourism in the region is debugged like clockwork, but sanatorium treatment has much to strive for.

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