It's just a game: an employee of the yacht spoke about the behavior on board of Russian oligarchs and other nouveaux riches from the Russian Federation

This is just a game: a yacht employee spoke about the behavior of Russian oligarchs and other nouveaux riches from the Russian Federation on board /></p>
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The “craziest” things that Russian oligarchs and other get rich tourists from the Russian Federation did on board rented yachts were listed by the stewardess of one of these liners. At the same time, the girl told the Express edition that “she had never seen such game from anyone else during cruises.”

For her work, the employee received a base salary of 281,000 rubles to 2,700,000 rubles per month and “huge tips” – “at least 280,000 rubles in tips alone per week.” The stewardess explained that most of her clients on luxury yachts were Russian millionaires who chartered the boats to enjoy a glamorous summer vacation and were especially generous.

The interlocutor of the publication noted that “Russian clients do not have a good reputation in the yachting industry”: “The good thing is that if the crew knows that they will have a Russian charter, we already know how to behave, what service they want, we more or less we know how they are.”

Talking about the guests from Russia with whom she worked, the girl said that “they can be very unpredictable and ask for the strangest things.” In her opinion, unusual, impolite and demanding behavior is explained by the fact that they are nouveau riches – people from the lower classes who quickly got rich.

“When we are told that the Russians are coming on board, [some crew members] are not as happy as, for example, if they were Americans. Russians are very special. If we know that a Russian or American client is coming to visit us for a few days or weeks, we know that they will certainly want to arrange themed parties. They want to have fun and have a great time. With [some] Russians, we prepare in advance because it is hard work,” said the flight attendant.

The flight attendant opened up about some of the strangest situations she faced while working for wealthy guests. Here are some of them:

  1. “I was once asked if I could make dolphins jump during sunset. I said I'm sorry, but they're already booked,” she joked.
  2. “They ask for crazy things. One day they asked me if I could go to France to pick up a bottle of their favorite champagne while we were in Italy!”

However, as far as behavior is concerned, she says, it can depend “a lot on their nationality”: “I had rich clients from Copenhagen who were wonderful. They are much more modest. “When [the guests] are Americans, it’s crazy but fun. Americans tip you a lot. The Scandinavians are just lovely.”

An employee admitted that the situation around Ukraine affected her work, since most of her clients are Russians: “Big yachts, private, most of them belong to Russian oligarchs.”

Due to the current situation, the owners are laying off the crew without notice and “not handling the situation properly”. “Of course, the lack of Russian clients for luxury yacht charter will affect the sector, because most of our clients are Russian oligarchs, very rich Russian people who rent a yacht for a few days, so until the situation improves, the demand for charters will decrease,” – she summed up.

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