Indonesia updates holiday rules for foreign tourists

The official document has already been signed and comes into force on July 22

Indonesia updates holiday rules for foreign tourists

In a number of provinces of Indonesia, a slight deterioration in the epidemiological situation was recorded. In this regard, the government decided to adjust the current anti-COVID rules, including in relation to tourists. The corresponding official document has already been signed and comes into force on July 22.

Representatives of the Indonesian Tourism Office in Russia (VITO Russia) , informed about the receipt of the official document and explained the changes that it implies. There are innovations for tourists, but they are not critical.

The main thing: from July 22, foreign tourists, including Russian tourists, will be able to come to Indonesia, as before, with a vaccination certificate (Sputnik V).

Vaccination certificate can be replaced by a vaccination exemption document. Such a certificate must be issued only by a public medical institution, it must be translated into English and certified by a notary.

There is an option to come with a certificate stating that the tourist has been ill with COVID-19 (a positive result for covid is confirmed a maximum of 30 days before departure).

However, this option is explained in  VITO Russia is risky. Airlines/Quarantine may deny boarding/entry or require self-quarantine.

What documents and procedures are needed for tourists who still dare to travel with a certificate of recovery:

The certificate of recovery from from a government hospital or from a ministry that handles public health affairs in the country of departure.

Certificate of negative PCR result – a covid test taken 72 hours before departure to Indonesia

Covid PCR test upon arrival (for a fee).

Changes effective 22 July: General and in fact the only innovation for tourists is the introduction of PCR – testing for internal movements around the country.

That is, if a tourist arrived in Bali, and then decided to go to the island of Java, Lombok, or wants to get to Komodo Island, then before leaving, you will need to do a PCR test.

At the same time, no PCR test is required to visit the neighboring islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida – these islands are considered part of Bali.

As for revaccination, it becomes mandatory only for residents of Indonesia itself upon departure from the country. Revaccination regulations do not apply to tourists at all.

Thus, for tourists who want to relax only in Bali, in fact , nothing changes. You will still need to present a vaccination certificate to enter. But for those who want to travel around Indonesia, you will need to do a PCR test to move around different regions of the country.

Rest on the island itself Bali is practically no different from pre-pandemic, the island is completely ready to receive tourists.

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