India opened for Russians: how to get there in the current conditions of the blockade

India opened for Russians: how to get there in the current conditions of the blockade

India is resuming international flights and is opening up for tourists, including Russians, who can actually get a visa under the same conditions. True, getting there under the conditions of “air sanctions” is far from being as cheap as before. However, for those who wish, the travel agent on her channel in Yandex.Zen painted the details and possible routes.

First of all, the expert noted that India, two years later, is restoring international flights in large volumes. More than 1.8 thousand flight permits have already been issued – over 65 airlines from 40 countries have received them. Including a direct flight of the Indian carrier is promised to Russia – but this possibility is still only on paper.

But with a visa for Russian tourists, everything is in order. “The Government of India has informed that Russians and citizens of other countries arriving at Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and other airports are fully entitled to receive an electronic tourist visa. Moreover, they will give immediately for 5 years. 5-year tourist visas are already being processed in Moscow. Maximum 5 business days. You can get it on a turnkey basis from tour operators working in the Indian direction for $ 125, ”said the travel agent. And then she presented several opportunities for our tourist to get to India:

  • Emirates Airlines: The carrier has announced 170 weekly flights from Dubai to 9 Indian cities, including Mumbai – 35 flights per week at once, and on the Airbus A380. “From Moscow you can fly to Delhi via Dubai, an Emirates ticket will cost a little more than 70,000 rubles one way,” the travel agent said.
  • The direct route, in her words, so far exists only in theory. “The Indian air carrier AirIndia plans to fly on the route Moscow – Delhi – Moscow 2 times a week. So far, only on paper, they promise that tickets will be on sale in the near future,” the travel agent said.
  • Another possible route is through Istanbul, from Turkey to Delhi, the Indian IndiGo will fly.

The travel agent also reminded tourists that Indian airports require masks on every passenger. 2% of passengers, regardless of nationality, will be tested for the worldwide disease. “There are no more restrictions,” she added.

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