In Turkey, tourists complain about the terrible stench from the discarded internal organs of animals

Tourists in Turkey complain about the terrible stench from the discarded internal organs of animals

Internal organs of sacrificial animals thrown into garbage cans without bags – stomachs, intestines and heads – caused a terrible stench, which was complained by tourists vacationing in the tourist cities of Turkey and in Antalya, in particular. The wild customs of the locals shock travelers who are far from religious rites.

Despite the authorities’ ban on throwing away the organs of sacrificial animals without proper packaging, some of the locals celebrating Eid al-Adha from July 9 to July 12 ignored this instruction , said Turkiyeturizm.

Complaints about the terrible stench of animal flesh decomposing in the heat began to come from tourists who attended cultural excursions, went on jeep safari, ATV tours and eco-tours. Thus, the publication quoted the tourist guide Ilkay Oracle on this issue: “After the sacrifice of the intestines of animals, the ovaries of goats and bulls and their heads were thrown into trash cans without bags. All this was seen and felt by our tourists. It's not a pleasant sight.
10-15 years ago there was an incident at the bazaar, also connected with a religious holiday. Right in the market, merchants slaughtered sacrificial animals. There was blood everywhere, and shocked tourists watched what was happening and took pictures. Tourists were spared the sight of blood only when the municipalities began to plan places for sacrifices. The giblets of the animals, which now ended up in the trash cans, embarrassed us in front of the tourists. In the villages where we go on excursions, it is impossible to convey the smell that is in the area. Tourists have to hold their noses. At the same time, there was also a terrible stench far from the places of emissions.

Reference: Kurban Bayram or Eid al-Adha (in Arabic) is a feast of sacrifice, which is one of two major Muslim holidays along with Eid al-Fitr. On one of these days, an animal will be slaughtered for the sake of Allah. During the holidays, hotels are usually full and there are no free places to be found.

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