In Turkey, they called the main problem with Russian tourists: it was proposed to pay for them by barter

Turkey has named the main problem with Russian tourists: it is proposed to pay for them by barter

Although the lack of charter flights and the closure of airspace nearby states for Russian aircraft have significantly changed the plans of our compatriots who want to relax abroad, the main problem for the Turkish tourism business with Russian vacationers and tour operators is payment difficulties, according to the Turks.

In this regard, an interesting proposal came from Turkey: in an article by Fatih Altayli in the Habertürk publication, it was proposed that the state intervene in this process and introduce barter relations with Russian tourists and travel agencies through offsetting payments. In other words, to accept Russian travelers as payment for goods and products imported by Turkey to Russia.

The Russian tourist flow is a key one for Turkish tourism, so the search for ways to bring numerous Russians to Turkish resorts under Western sanctions is quite understandable. Having stated that this summer season two problems came to the fore for Russian tourists – “transport” and “payment”, the observer singled out the main one – this is payment and proposed a non-standard approach to solving it.

Let's give an excerpt from the article , which contains a solution to the problem with transactions from Russia to Turkey:

The question of how Russian tourists and Russian tour operators will pay for Turkey arose after the ban and restrictions on money transfers and credit cards in Russia.

Some banks in Turkey have connections with the Russian payment system MIR. But this does not seem to be enough.

Here, the state may have to intervene and come up with a solution. The most likely is the establishment of tourism barter.

Turkey already has negative foreign trade with Russia. In this case, the Central Bank or the Turkish Treasury, having concluded an agreement with Russia, can take over the payments of Russian tour operators in Turkey. These transfers can be deducted from the payment for products imported by Turkey from Russia.

The problem can be solved in a very short time by a simple agreement between the two countries – this way, the loss of Turkish tourism can be prevented at least than $ 10 billion.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “The authorities explained to the Russians why they are asked to pay extra for tours already purchased.”

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