In Turkey, they admitted that they rejoiced in vain: optimistic forecasts are pessimistic

Turkey admitted that they rejoiced in vain: optimistic forecasts are pessimizing

The maximum occupancy of Antalya hotels, caused by long weekends for local tourists, will not last long. For a constant load, the market needs foreign tourists, primarily from Russia, and the situation with them is more than complicated, which corrects the previously optimistic assessment of the season in a pessimistic direction. Such forecasts were presented by Turkish hoteliers, evaluating the results of the long weekend in honor of Eid al-Adha.

According to them, during the nine days of the holiday, many local tourists flocked to the resort provinces of Antalya and Mugla. Hotel occupancy has reached 100%. Many towns on the coast, where the population is not more than a thousand people, loaded from 10 to 30 thousand people on the days of the holiday.

But this is not for long, experts add. The average length of stay for local tourists is 4 days, while for foreign tourists – at least 8. “The domestic market has filled the gap in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, albeit for a short time. Average occupancy was 90%, but overnight stays are short. The average overnight stay in the domestic market is 4 days, and in the Russian and Ukrainian markets – 8 days,” experts from the Turkish hotel business estimated.

At the same time, according to them, hotels and resorts operating in the European market , basically no problem. But at least until June there was a rather difficult situation in the “Russian” resorts, such as Kemer, Alanya, etc. The hotels opened late. Now the key question for them is the loading for September-October, but how many hotels will be able to load in these months, given the serious reduction in the Russian tourist flow, is a big question.

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