In the Russian Federation will establish the rules for the return of funds for tours canceled after February 24

Before December 15, the Cabinet of Ministers is obliged to amend the legislation, allowing to establish the specifics of the execution or termination of contracts for the sale of tourism products concluded by tour operators before February 24. The corresponding order was signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The Russian Federation will establish rules for refunds for tours canceled after February 24

“To the Government of the Russian Federation: … to ensure that changes are made to the legislation of the Russian Federation aimed at giving the government of the Russian Federation the authority establish the features of the execution, modification and (or) termination of contracts for the sale of a tourist product concluded before February 24, 2022, by tour operators or travel agents selling a tourist product formed by tour operators, including the grounds, procedure, terms and conditions for returning tourists and (or) other customers of the tourist product paid by them for the tourist product x amounts or provision of an equivalent tourist product at other times,” the text of the instruction says.

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